Lido Operator Set Strategy

I would like to present our draft of Lido’s Operator Set Strategy: a high level document to explain our approach to operator sets and validators in general and for each specific network/chain that Lido operates within. The purpose of this topic is to encourage discussion and improvement of this document in an open manner.

The Operator Set Strategy and the extension of its Core Principles for each network we participate in (dubbed “Lido on X Principles & Guidelines”) should represent the values of the collective DAO and expectations & feedback of the great staking community, and should be updated on a regular basis.

Currently, we have the Core Principles and the Principles & Guidelines for Ethereum in draft form, and we’re working on Guidelines for the rest of the networks that we have presence on as well.

We would love your thoughts and input on this document and look forward to collaborating on this openly before asking that the DAO vote on these documents.

You can find the draft document below. It should be accessible publicly and you should be able to comment on it, or provide feedback below.