Lido rank for total eth staked

is Lido still #1 ?

Having hard time finding this ranking list to see where Lido ranks against the centralized exchanges and others providers …

This Dune dashboard by @eliasimos is the best report on liquid staking market share that I’m aware of, but the query looks like it is taking too long to run at the moment. It doesn’t compare against centralized exchanges because it looks at on chain data only, and there is not an easy way to incorporate data on centralized parties who may use multiple wallets and don’t publicize staking addresses.

This report does make a comparison between Lido and some centralized exchanges but a large part of the staked ETH is unattributed. Basically, Lido accounts for 1.5mm ETH staked out of a total of 8.5mm. But that 8.5mm is mostly non-liquid staking. For liquid staking, Lido is the largest provider.

There is a table for here also where you can get a current snapshot for liquid staking.


I might also suggest using the Discord for these types of questions. You’re more likely to get a quick response and this forum is intended more for discussions about governance.


My hunch is that Lido is still ahead as a single blob, but some exchanges are getting really close to it, e.g. I think Coinbase has grown its amount of stake very significantly.

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thanks patric much appreciated

There’s also Nansen’s dashboard here: