Lido to join Proof Of Stake Alliance

Lido received a proposal to join POSA (Proof Of Stake Alliance), an advocacy group that fights for regulatory clarity for staking ecosystems. Through targeted advocacy, educating lawmakers, research, and supporting and bringing lawsuits, they are working to ensure the creation of innovation-friendly laws and regulations so staking can reach its full potential.
In the context of rising debate about PoS regulations, Lido would like to participate in it, represent our community and transmit its message.

The membership costs $75,000 annually paid to the wallet 0x7156ddf0255bb560e479923a290bafdec6c385db in DAI and includes following:

A dedicated, neutral voice to advocate specifically for staking issues that impact your business and livelihood;
Access to POSA educational resources including white papers, one pagers on policy issues, and talking points;
The production of two legal white papers on Liquid Staking, as well as the ability to have a Lido representative participate in two dedicated working groups on the topic
Participation in other key initiative working groups;
Invitation to lobbying days (in Washington, DC. or virtual);
Invitation to all-member meetings.

We believe that this representation is crucial, as a silent voice cannot be heard and negotiated with. By the council vote LEGO decided to compensate for the first year of membership in POSA, as well as provide dedicated support for the liquid staking working groups.


Thank you for pushing this forward. It’s essential Lido is represented here.

Confirming the correct address is 0x7156ddf0255bb560e479923a290bafdec6c385db. Excited to have Lido on board!


And the grant is disbursed :tada: