LIP-20: Staking Router

Other than the curated set of node operators, the existing monolithic architecture of the registry makes it difficult for Lido to onboard different validator subsets such as community operators, DVT-enabled validators, off-chain and L2 validators. We propose to move to a modular architecture by introducing Staking Router. With this protocol update, various validator subsets will be able to join Lido as separate registries, or modules. Each module will be responsible for managing their operators, storing their keys, distributing stake and rewards between them. Modules are integrated into Lido through Staking Router, a controller contract that operates at the module-level.

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We are looking forward for your feedback.


Thank you for sharing! Staking Router unlocks experimentation & diversification of approaches to Node Operation in Lido, which in turn allows for further innovation in that regard.


It’s about time that Lido opens up the doors, we’ve been specially intriged by how Lido’s architecture was self-centered. Eager to see how the community embraces this! All in for permissionless NOs


Thank you for uncovering the technical details :+1:

It would be really thrilling to see DVT-enabled validators within the Lido-participating validators set. Hope that the newly developed architecture would facilitate the onboarding process.