Validator Admission Process

Lido is an ETH 2.0 staking solution that provides a tokenized version of your staked ETH while you are staking. This tokenised stETH is compatible with DeFi and allows you to simultaneously stake ether while also participating in on-chain lending or trading.

Lido maintains a set of validators who are responsible for validating the ETH staked with Lido. The addition and removal of node operators will be voted on by Lido community governance.

When you stake with Lido, your ETH is staked with an operator within this set. This is chosen through a round-robin allocation based on the remaining availability within each validator’s slot. If you stake more than 32 ETH, it’s possible that your ETH is staked with several different validators in the set.

Lido’s operators are voted on by the DAO to ensure that the values of node operators are aligned with the values of the Lido DAO. The reputation and historic record as the best-in-industry of those interested in being operators is important because they are responsible for validating the ETH in Lido.

To apply to be a Lido validator, please follow the process outlined below:

  • Create a topic titled: “Node Operator Admission: Operator Name” [e.g. Node Operator Admission: P2P Validator]
  • Fill out the following information:
    • Organization name;
    • Organization website;
    • Organization Github;
    • Organization social channels;
    • Organization location;
    • Organization size;
    • Brief description of organization;
    • Brief description of performance track record;
    • Overview of supported networks;
    • Motivation for application;
    • Security set up for ETH staking [Description of ETH staking setup];
    • History of participating in ETH testnet [History of participation in ETH testnets];

Following successful submission of the above information, the Lido DAO governance will discuss your application and vote on it.

Please note: The Lido DAO is responsible for all additions and removals to the Lido Validator Set.


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