Marketing and branding for Lido

Hello everyone!

Last month @kethfinex expressed that Lido needs more instructional videos and artwork to complement social media posts so I have been working on onboarding more artists/ video editors to make really cool stuff for Lido.

There are two focuses:

1.) Commissioning artists to make simple drawings/artwork.
For example, an anon named @wapmasters1 on twitter made this drawing highlighting the Ledger/Lido integration that is being announced next month.

These types of drawings are intended to be simple and easy to produce but give our content more flavor. These drawings usually take 2-3 days to make and cost $300-500 depending on the artist.

2.) Producing high quality/long form videos or short gifs.
These videos take time and coordination between Lido and the video editors to make fantastically beautiful videos. This includes:
-Short animations to complement social media posts. 5-10 seconds.
-Instructional videos on how to provide liquidity to Curve, deposit stETH into Inverse Finance, etc. 1-2 minutes.
-Slick/high quality videos to explain what Lido is. 1-3 minutes.

Some examples of the quality I’m aiming for is this short video from Argent:


something like this video from the 0x protocol: What is 0x? - YouTube

Progress on this has already started. I have been working with a video editor named @DedWhaleson on Twitter. He has previous done videos for FTX and DeFi protocols such as @0x_nodes

He has already produced some fun animations for Lido that Im really excited for. I can’t figure out how to upload the video animations onto Discourse so DM me if you are curious and I can show you.

Videos of this quality take many hours of work(10-50 hours) and multiple iterations(3-4 reviews with critiques and suggestions). The cost to make videos of this caliber are $80-$100 per hour.

I have included Stan(He is the person who helped design Lido’s brand) in this process and looking for one or two more people that want to be part of the critique/editing process (Preferable people who helped design Lido from the beginning). The commitment would be joining a meeting every week or so to discuss and critique the videos DedWhaleson is making. I would handle the majority of the work/coordination. So if you feel like you have a good eye for design please reach out to me on Telegram, Twitter, or discord.

Funding for these efforts will come from LEGO committee members’ discretionary funds.

Anyway, Im excited to be working on this and hope to improve Lido’s branding and social media presence with this effort. Have a great weekend guys!


Guys, Im getting excited. Got some good stuff on the way.


Have got any teaser yet?

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I am very interested in helping out with this effort. I have been taking steps to achieve similar goals with other protocols recently. You can see my work @motiondesigneth on twitter but I am well versed in graphic arts, animation, motiondesign, infographic creations etc. (coding is my shortcoming). I’m organized, a good listener, value collaboration, value community, and most importantly, I’m flexible and willing to help out however is needed.




Dedwhale has finished the final touches for the Ledger/Lido integration video.

If you select the “preview” button you can see a low-quality version of the vid.


Hi all - you guys need a hand with any of the video editing still? and animation? I had a look at the above video - i humbly think i can help to massively improve the overall production quality… who can i chat to directly about this?

Hey Motion_factory!

So we have just started this program so we are still determining what we need or what we want to get out of it.

Can you send me your portfolio? Or some of your work you think is good?

my telegram is @frontalpha

I checked out the video, it is a big improvement from many others out there to date. Great work.

Update that Dedwhale and I are working on a “What is Lido?” promotional video with a hired commercial voice-over to narrate


New vid ready when we hit 1 million staked

The final version is called “LIDO_Million_3”


I like the final version and also how the logo appears at the end. Is there any way to make the text that appears during the video to somehow fit together with some of the beats of the jingle?The “ONE” jumps in on a beat, but then the rest of the text doesn’t really (when “staked” comes in it also does so on a beat but the effect doesn’t really work like the “ONE” pop-in does).

Also would it make sense for the “one” to be visible in the same frames as “million ether staked” ? (Glad we caught and fixed ethereum → ether =D)

Yeah, we might be able to tighten this up a bit. We threw it together in a panic knowing that it might not be ready before we hit the milestone!

The issue we were having was “Million” has many more letters than the word “ether” or “staked” and it was difficult to make it look uniform. If the word “One” is added it will be exacerbated.

New short vid for Solana ready for consumption

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lido always reminds me of kurzgesagt for some reason

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what I think: definitely try to hire whoever is doing Sushi’s graphics and videos