Educational Video series proposal for LIDO in the Indian Market in collaboration with Finstreet: India's First Crypto Education Platform


We would like to create an educational video series educating people about LIDO. This video series will educate the Indian Community in a more detailed way about the Decentralized Protocols, LIDO Ecosystem, the integration of Staking, Minting, Yield Farming, and everything happening here. The campaign will present how LIDO DAO has brought up the biggest staking economy into the crypto ecosystem. We will showcase the tutorials on how to use the platform & complete detailed information about liquid staking protocols, LIDO Referral Programs, DeFi Solutions and every use cases. We will also showcase the eccentric benefits of LIDO DAO to the Indian Audience which will bring up more authentication to the platform for the Indian community.

The campaign will :

-Educate people about LIDO and its use cases with tutorials on the platform.

-Create better and relevant reach in India and other Hindi-speaking nations.

-Create Brand awareness among the Indian crypto community.

-Detailed introduction of the project.

-Regular coverage on any new product/update launch with the partnership of LIDO.

-Help in creating strong brand recall value among the blockchain and crypto community.

-Regular updates about LIDO to the Indian community.

Value To LIDO

We are definitely looking to create a long-term asset for LIDO through our campaigns.

-The content created can be used as helping videos to get through for the users who want to use LIDO.

-Key KPIs to be achieved with the campaign: 10 million+ views on content related to LIDO and 20 million+ impressions of the entire campaign.

-We are also looking to get a huge number of users for LIDO.

Proposer Background

Finstreet is India’s First Crypto Education Institute. This platform acts as an easily accessible medium for people to learn about the importance of cryptocurrencies and the different asset classes associated with them.

Our website:

More than 4.5M+ people in the crypto and blockchain interested community.

Key Facts:

-4.5M+ followers altogether

-20 million-plus monthly views on all platforms

-6.8 million impressions per month on YouTube

-Verified profiles on all the short video platforms

-100% organic traffic

-80% month on month growth

-We are the Biggest Crypto niche influencer providing educational content in Hindi and English

-Targeting niche Indian audience

Video formats:

Daily Crypto News

Review videos

Interviews with core committee members

New updates videos


Tutorial & use cases videos

Additional Information

Results of our recent collaborations:

-We brought more than 1.3 million+ content impressions for AAVE educational campaigns.

-We were able to garner more than 10 million+ impressions for WazirX in the last 6 months.

-We are able to get 780+ active signups over Huobi Global with our campaign in just 3 months.

-We have been listed as Polygon’s Official Marketing Partner.

Here is one of the links we did for Polygon Matic series:

Along with this, we have partnered with Balancer, Bancor, AAVE, Zcash, Huobi Global, Polygon(Matic), OMG, PlotX, FTX, PoolTogether & more such projects.

Discussion: We believe this might be a great collaboration in introducing LIDO on our platforms!
We would be investing in our resources a lot to create the best quality contents which would become long-term digital assets for LIDO. These contents will bring a proper education for LIDO particularly, so people who are willing to start investing would know every technical aspect of LIDO.
Would love to hear the team’s thoughts on this.

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Hello everyone,

We hope you’ve had a chance to read and look at our campaign proposal for LIDO. It would be really great if someone from the team express their views or suggestions regarding our proposal thoughts.

Let us know if the team may have any queries, we’d be happy to discuss them.

Looking forward to hearing from the LIDO team soon.

Kind regards,
Team Finstreet