Grant Proposal: Lido Academy


Lido Academy: Educational plattform that makes learning, using and voting in Lido 10x easier.


Cryptoversidad is a team dedicated to accelerating the mass adoption of Web3 technologies. We produce high-quality educational content aimed at empowering individuals to navigate the blockchain world. By offering short, digestible, and interactive videos, we break down complex topics to make Web3 accessible and understandable for everyone. We simplify the learning journey for users, developers and contributors to participate more effectively in projects and communities.

Our incredible team is composed of:

  1. Diego: Founder and ceo @Cryptoversidad.
  2. Ben: Co-founder and adviser.
  3. Pilar: Head of Research. In charge of all the research & writing of our amazing content!
  4. Dani: Audiovisual Producer. The hand behind our amazing animations.
  5. Yami: Animation and design. The hand behind our amazing graphics.
  6. Robert: Operations Assistant. Helps identify and solve all types of problems.
  7. Juan Parra: Marketing Lead. Helps us share our work with the world.

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Creating high-quality educational content platform about Lido, its technology, vision, validators, and more is crucial for the Lido ecosystem. It aids in enhancing the ecosystem by:

  1. Simplify Access to Lido Knowledge for All: One of the primary objectives of establishing an educational content platform for Lido is to make knowledge about the Lido ecosystem accessible to a wide range of users, whether they are crypto enthusiasts or developers. By providing a user-friendly and inclusive platform, Lido aims to break down complex concepts and make them easily understandable, welcoming newcomers and seasoned users alike.
  2. Empower the Community for Informed Decision-Making: Another critical purpose is to empower the Lido community with the information necessary to make informed and wise decisions that support the project’s growth and development.
  3. Cultivating Node Operator Knowledge and Responsibility: One of the central pillars of Lido’s educational content platform is dedicated to educating node operators about their pivotal roles and profound responsibilities within the Lido network. Recognizing the vital role node operators play in ensuring network security and maintaining decentralization, Lido places a premium on ensuring these key actors are well-informed and empowered.


The proposal consists of an educational platform designed to host animated videos that explain in an attractive way the Lido documentation, in addition to 8 articles.

To showcase our commitment and quality, we have already created a website design for the Academy and a video sample, you can find them here:

The 5 videos we propose in principle are:

  1. What is Lido?: In this video, we’ll introduce you to Lido, the gateway to liquidity staking. We will explore the concept of Liquid Staking and how it functions within Lido.
  2. Technology and Vision: In this video, we’ll dive deep into Lido’s vision and cutting-edge technology.
  3. What is STETH and How to Use It?: We will delve into STETH, its utility, and how users can make the most of it.
  4. Node Operators: Inclusion process, validators, fees: In this video, we’ll unveil the role of Node Operators, the backbone of Lido’s ecosystem.
  5. Who is behind? Lido DAO, LDO token, governance and voting process: In this video, we’ll take you inside the Lido DAO and the voting process. Empower your decisions with insights into LDO token governance!

And the 8 articles:

  1. The Lido Ecosystem: This article will explore the broader Lido ecosystem, including partners, integrations, and how it fits into the DeFi landscape.
  2. Lido’s Security Measures: Dive into the security measures in place to safeguard the assets entrusted to Lido, including audits, insurance, and best practices.
  3. Understanding Staking Risks: In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the potential risks associated with staking in a liquidity pool, helping users make informed decisions.
  4. The Future of Lido: Discuss the roadmap and future developments planned for Lido, providing users with insights into what to expect.
  5. Lido’s Governance and Community Participation: Explore the governance structure of Lido, the importance of community participation, and how users can get involved in decision-making.
  6. Tracking Lido’s Decentralisation Scorecard: Monitoring Progress Towards Ethereum Community’s Trust and Decentralization Goals.
  7. “Empowering Innovation: A Deep Dive into Lido’s Ecosystem Grants (LEGO)”: Explore how Lido supports individuals, projects, and initiatives that contribute to its ecosystem’s growth and the wider crypto space.
  8. “WSTETH: Unleashing the Power of Wrapped Staked ETH with Lido Finance”: In this article, we’ll explore the concept of Wrapped Staked ETH (WSTETH) and its connection to Lido Finance.

Details: Our time frames are as follows:

Planning and scripting Content: Developing a detailed plan for each video in the series and drafting scripts that are clear and easy to understand. (Expected duration: 4 weeks)

  1. Reviewing and feedback: Reviewing the content with experts and the community, making necessary changes, and finalizing the scripts. (Expected duration: 1 week)
  2. Production: Creating high-quality animations and recording voiceovers for each video. (Expected duration: 6 weeks)
  3. Launch and completion: Releasing the video series, incorporating it into and, sharing it with the community, and gathering feedback. (1 week)

Total: 12 weeks from grant approval to final delivery

Grant amount: $25,000 USD

Wallet: 0x281BA4E9B7e28982d6CB53EE3836865f1453e12F



  1. Where the Education platform will be host?
  2. Who will be platform users?
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Hi there and thanks for your proposal!

Lido contributors are currently working on an Academy type educational platform which is more likely to be completed internally.

In saying that, it would be great to see some further examples of writing or content you guys have made in the past and maybe there is the possibility in future to work together in a more limited scope.

Thanks again!


Hey, thanks for your questions @satBalwyn

  1. The platform will be hosted on a website that we will design and program according to our proposal. The idea is to use a domain that favors Lido.

  2. Our approach is to make it for developers and people who want to integrate into governance. To attract users we will carry out a marketing campaign accordingly.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you very much for your feedback @UniteTheClans

Of course, here I share some of our work. The approach we have at Cryptoversidad is to turn the complex into simple, and do it in a visually appealing way.

Series on Optimism: Intro to Optimism Video Series

Aave explained:

Ethereum & rollups:

We would love to collaborate with Lido!

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Thanks for the content and added information. If possible, let’s reconvene once the majority of contributors have returned from DevConnect and discuss the scope and potential routes we could take.

As mentioned, the core content for Learn on Lido will likely be completed by Lido contributors however, there could be potential to adapt the proposal to Spanish language speaking content or, a slightly different angle altogether.

Warm regards and thanks again.