Grant proposal: Lido Spanish videos and translations

Grant proposal: Lido Spanish videos and translations

One Liner: Creating Spanish explainer videos about Lido and translation of Lido Help Center.

This proposal has been tailored made to fit the needs and specifications of Lido’s team. In our previous proposal, we had planned to create Lido Academy with videos and articles about Lido and after multiple conversations and direct consultations with Lido representatives, @UniteTheClans and @kethfinex; we’ve crafted this proposal to align perfectly with Lido’s specifications and expectations.


Cryptoversidad is a team dedicated to accelerating the mass adoption of Web3 technologies. We produce high-quality educational content aimed at empowering individuals to navigate the blockchain world. By offering short, digestible, and interactive videos, we break down complex topics to make Web3 accessible and understandable for everyone. We simplify the learning journey for users, developers and contributors to participate more effectively in projects and communities.

Our incredible team is composed of:

  1. Diego 1: Founder and ceo @Cryptoversidad.
  2. Ben: Co-founder and adviser.
  3. Pilar: Head of Research, responsible for content excellence.
  4. Dani: Audiovisual Producer, the mastermind behind our animations.
  5. Yami: Animation and Design, the creative force of our graphics.
  6. Robert: Operations Assistant. Helps identify and solve all types of problems.

Purpose and audience

Video Purpose

These videos aim to provide a high-quality and accessible means of communicating, sharing, and explaining Lido’s technologies in Spanish.

Target Audience:

We intend to cater to individuals interested in engaging with Lido in various capacities:

  • Users: Those who want to understand the technical aspects of Lido comprehensively.
  • Developers: Individuals seeking integrations with Lido.
  • Potential Contributors: Those interested in adding value to Lido through various means.

Documentation Purpose

The purpose of translating the content from the Lido Help Center is to ensure that Spanish-speaking users have comprehensive and accurate information about Lido’s platform and services. This includes assistance with queries, navigation guidance, and utilization of the platform effectively.

Target Audience

The audience for the translated documentation includes:

  • Current Users: Spanish-speaking individuals already utilizing or considering using Lido’s platform.
  • New Users: Those exploring Lido for the first time and seeking information to understand its features and functionalities.
  • Developers and Integrators: Individuals looking for technical documentation to integrate with Lido’s platform.
  • Support Seekers: Users with inquiries about Lido’s services and features, aiming to find detailed and clear answers.

Main proposal

  1. We propose to develop 3 white-labeled explainer videos that explain how Lido works in a simple and interesting way, in Spanish.
  2. We will ensure an accurate and nuanced translation of the content found in the “Help Center” section of Our translation process will not only focus on linguistic accuracy but also on capturing the intended tone and clarity of the original content.


  • Customized Lido Branding: Unique icons and graphics will be designed specifically for these videos to fit Lido’s brand guidelines.

  • Default Language: Spanish

  • All content will undergo Lido’s review and approval prior to release, until you love the content. (We’ll work with the Lido marketing team for specifics)

  • In addition, these 3 videos’s scripts will be adapted and provided in articles, in Spanish, to be used by Lido.

  • The estimated delivery date is February 13th 2024, assuming approval of our proposal between January 4th and 8th.

  • We have identified three key topics for these introductory videos:

    1. Video 1: What is Liquid Staking and Lido? An introduction to the fundamental concepts of Lido.
    2. Video 2: How Does Lido Work? Exploring node operators, STeth, security measures, and more.
    3. Video 3: Who Powers Lido? A look at LidoDAO, the LDO token, governance processes, and voting mechanisms.

    The Help Center plays a crucial role in assisting users with various queries and providing them with the information they need to navigate and utilize Lido’s platform effectively. Our translation efforts will extend to articles, FAQs, and any other relevant resources available in this section.


The total amount for this grant is $9,000 USD, divided as follows:

  • $6,000 USD for the full develpment of the videos (includes research, scriptwriting, voiceovers, graphic design, animation, and editing)
  • $3,000 USD for the translation of the approximately 15,000 words in the Lido Help Center

We can provide a full breakdown if requested.

Final comment

We will employ a collaborative approach, involving Lido in each stage of the project to ensure alignment with your objectives and quality standards.

We envision this as the beginning of a long-term partnership with Lido, where we can continue creating the necessary resources, from white-labeled content to comprehensive documentation translations.


Payment address:

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We are excited to announce that at Cryptoversidad, we have successfully completed the translation and video creation for Lido, as planned and shared in this post. This project brings Lido closer to the Spanish-speaking community.

Delivery Details

We have developed three videos and a tutorial in Spanish that clearly and attractively break down the key concepts and operations of Lido.

  1. Video 1: What is Liquid Staking and Lido - An introduction to the fundamental concepts of Lido.
  2. Video 2: How Lido Works - Exploring node operators, STeth, security measures, and more.
  3. Video 3: Who Powers Lido - A look at LidoDAO, the LDO token, governance processes, and voting mechanisms.
  4. Tutorial: Using Lido

Additionally, a precise and nuanced translation of the content found in the Help Center section of Lido has been completed, covering approximately 15,000 words. This effort ensures that Spanish-speaking users have access to comprehensible and detailed information to facilitate their navigation and interaction with Lido’s platform.

Access to Materials

All translated videos and documents can be found at the following link: Cryptoversidad’s Deliverables for Lido.

Regarding the publishing of these deliverables, we are still coordinating with the Lido team the best way of doing it. We’ll keep you posted.

Special thanks

We would like to thank the Lido team for their collaboration during this project, especially to unitetheclans and kethfinex. This connection has been essential to ensuring that the content is not only informative but also aligned with Lido’s high quality standards.

At Cryptoversidad, we are committed to the education and mass adoption of web3 technologies and will continue to work on developing resources that empower users and contribute to the growth of ecosystems like Lido’s.


It was a pleasure to work with you and thanks again for the excellent service.

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fyi, our Spanish Help Center is live! Lido: Centro de ayuda


Hola Diego! Thanks for all the material, I’ve been looking at the videos and docs and they look good :slight_smile:

It makes me very happy to see more Lido stuff in Spanish, and as a Community Lifeguard with a focus on Spanish-speaking countries be sure I’ll be recommending these for those who want to get introduced to Lido and stETH.


@satBalwyn Awesomeee, looks beautiful

@enti Thank you for the support!
We really believe that the videos we created will be quite useful to explain Lido’s core concepts simply. Please feel free to use them in any way you want, the objective is to make them as useful as possible for the Lido community!
From our side, we’ll be promoting these videos in the upcoming months!
We’ll share updates on this thread!
If any question/feedback arises from anyone in the Forum, feel free to comment here, we’ll happily reply!

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