Proposal for the Translation of Lido's Documentation into French

Grant Proposal: French Translations for Lido

One Liner: Translating Lido’s Help Center documentation into French to ensure accessibility and comprehensive support for French-speaking users.


Our team consists of two seasoned blockchain developers with a deep commitment to advancing Web3 technologies:

  • Gérald: Blockchain developer with over 10 years of experience, focusing on decentralized applications and blockchain solutions.

  • Ludo: Expert in smart contract development and Web3 integrations, bringing extensive technical knowledge and experience.

Documentation Purpose

The aim of translating the Lido Help Center content is to provide French-speaking users with detailed and precise information about Lido’s platform and services. This will help users with their queries, navigation, and effective use of the platform.

Target Audience

The translation is intended for:

  • Current Users: French-speaking individuals who are using or considering using Lido’s platform.

  • New Users: Those exploring Lido for the first time, seeking to understand its features and benefits.

  • Developers and Integrators: Individuals looking for technical documentation to integrate with Lido’s platform.

  • Support Seekers: Users needing assistance with Lido’s services and features, looking for clear and thorough answers.

Main Proposal

We propose to translate the content from the “Help Center” section of lido into French. Our translation process will ensure not only linguistic accuracy but also maintain the tone and clarity of the original content.


  • Default Language: French

  • All translated content will be reviewed and approved by Lido to ensure it meets the required standards.


The total grant amount requested is $3,500 USD, covering the translation of approximately 15,000 words in the Lido Help Center.

Final Comment

We are committed to working closely with Lido throughout the translation process to ensure that our work aligns with their goals and quality standards. We believe this project will significantly enhance the experience of French-speaking users on Lido’s platform and look forward to a successful collaboration.

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