LEGO - Translation Initiative

The Lido Ecosystem Grants Organisation (LEGO) has launched a translation initiative.

This is a community-driven effort to make available Lido’s educational resources to a wider audience in multiple languages.

Our goal is to translate Lido’s website and documentation into various native languages including, but not limited to: Korean, French, Japanese, Turkish, etc. The rates displayed below will be dependent on language, quality and speed of translations.

The translation task will involve:

  1. The Lido Primer Document (150 USD in LDO)
  2. The Lido FAQ (150 USD in LDO)
  3. The Lido Website (550 USD in LDO)
  4. Lido help articles at (10-40 USD per article depending on length)

Resources for translation:

  1. Lido Primer
  2. Lido FAQ
  3. Lido Website
  4. Lido Help Centre

If you have experience translating crypto-focused content from English into your native tongue, please get in touch with us and include a sample of your translation work!

To contribute, please contact the LEGO community admin on Telegram. Final payments are contingent on review and verification of all translated text by a native speaker.

More info on LEGO is available here.


If the translation initiative includes Portuguese I’ll be glad to help to translate all documents :slight_smile:


Just sent my application to provide spanish translations, happy to provide translations to the articles and move from there to bigger scopes translations.


Hello Guys, i have already msgd the Community Admin and i am willing to do the translation for FARSI,SPANISH,ITALIAN,RUSSIAN,FRENCH.