Mountain Grants - Detail

Kind attention - @Alex_L at the higlight (bold) on this response by @Hasu

Mountains are critical improvements to Lido that have a significant impact on its growth, security, operations, etc.

It can be mentioned that the process of applying MOUNTAIN remains the same but LEGO is authorized to approve grants upto 100K so for mountain grants the DAO will review your application. [Something like that]

Hey @praneet, I think we may add grant approver in the table with grant sizes, yeah, ty.

As for the particular grant in question imo Vsh is right - there are too few details known yet about the audit that may be asked to be reimbursed, and it’s conditional on if the code itself sees the light of day.

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Particular Grant in Question : I just used the @Hasu’s response to understand the process at large, my suggestion is not related to this grant application/applicant in any form.

My suggestion was for LEGO as whole as I wondered why protocol guild, lexpunk etc grants are not covered at txs page. It was Hasu’s response (While LEGO is authorized to approve projects up to 100k) that made it clear.

Thank you for acknowledging.

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