New ETH2 Node Operators joining mainnet (Wave 1)

Bringing the proposal for the new wave of node operators to life, Lido has started the onchain vote to add Blockscape, DSRV, Everstake and SkillZ as a Lido Node Operators: Aragon

The Wave 1 was discussed on this forum earlier: ETH2 New Node Operator Wave 1 Recommendations

Tweets with the Node Operators’ addresses can be found here:


Great to see this happening and a warm welcome to the new operators joining - excited to have you all become part of the Lido DAO!

Happy to support this with our vote :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there somewhere we can see a full list of all the node operators of Lido (ideally with a breakdown of how many nodes they’re operating)? I’d love a UI where I could view information on the node operators (website, credentials, etc.).

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Sure thing! The DAO has the UI for the Node Operators registry, you can check out the list and amount of validators they are running here Aragon


Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Do you mind explaining the “TOTAL / USED / STOPPED” column? Here’s my guess, please correct me if I’m wrong:

  • “total” is the # of nodes the operator is currently allowed to run (how is this number decided & changed)?
  • “used” is the # of active nodes the operator is currently running?
  • “stopped” is the # of active nodes the operator has stopped (what does this mean)?

Yup, that’s basically it. Total is the number of keys for validators the Node operator has submitted, used is the amount of keys which have 32ETH deposits and are running under ETH2 validators, stopped is the amount of validators stopped by the ETH2 network (scary word “slashing” is the term to look up here). Aside from those three, there’s a stat ‘staking limit’, which is a number of keys the node operator is allowed to use for validators — it could be lower than a total number of keys.