Opening Hearing on reWARDS Committee

Appreciate your open-minded spirit on the rewards strategy discussions. Would like to summarize what I have found out in the past couple of weeks and make a comment on the upcoming July Budget, as will as working on a more comprehensive framework which can cover the core target you have mentioned.

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What’s the process for joining the working group? I would be happy to be apart of it.


Hey @McNut wanted to follow up here. The process is pretty easy, after I have your TG, I will add you to the group.

Hey @jbeezy . Appreciate your trust and invitation. @McNut is quite a specialist in financial analysis and it’s my honor to work with him on these common goals. As I’m still working on breeding a new lido subDAO, I can’t commit to putting all my attention on the work you have offered. So, I would like to join the group and collaborate with @McNut , as well as all other members in the group, as a volunteer. I will DM you my TG account and keep in touch.