Optimizing contributor onboarding

I am a Web3 dev focused on frontend/solidity.

atm it is hard to identify Lido’s developer needs outside the narrow scope of the careers page and the short term grants program.

Lido feels very ‘gated’ which prevents outside contributors like me adding value and contributing to the decentralization of the project.

What steps do you think Lido can take to optimize outside contributor onboarding?


Thank you for initiating this discussion.

Last Friday, the proposal to establish a Guided Open Objective Setting Exercise successfully passed, as you can see here. This framework addresses the issue at hand and proposed to Lido DAO openly align on its goals. This is a step forward in fostering transparency and collaboration.

I’m eager to hear your personal ideas on this matter. Additionally, if you have come across any exemplary web3 projects that have successfully streamlined the onboarding process for independent contributors, please do share those as well.


Thanks Jenya, GOOSE is a fantastic step in the right direction, I love the idea of implementing reference goals to guide contributors.

My one concern is that the annual review period does not leave much room for the DAO to be nimble at an organization level or a squad level.

The most efficient way to streamline contributor onboarding imo is to have simple squad-level projects/products. It could look something like this:

  1. A squad leader submits a proposal to fund a project that aligns with reference goals.
  2. If the proposal passes, the squad leader can request additional resources if squad growth is required.
  3. There is a web resource that clearly lists what squads are active and how to contact the squad leader.

The last step is super important, right now it is impossible to see what is actually happening at Lido and who to contact to get involved.