Problems with deposit_cli format for Lido


Is it possible to connect with the developers who implemented the deposit_cli format for Lido, about possible format incompatibilities? It is somewhat urgent. :frowning:

Thank you in advance!

Hello, @ggatchev! Could you elaborate on what you mean by ‘deposit_cli format’?

Lido uses the deposit contract to send deposit transactions, and therefore, the keys format is no different from what the original deposit-cli generates. Our UI, which is used by node operators, accepts deposit_data-*.json files generated by the CLI. The contract itself only requires the public key and the signed deposit message (withdrawal credentials and deposit amount are constant, and the deposit root is calculated dynamically in the staking router contract).

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Thank you for the message, George. I think I managed to find the answer.

The deposit data files submitted by Lido are checked on whether the withdrawal credentials in them are those of Lido. That means they must be either those of the smart contract of Lido, or one of several ones hardcoded in the software.

We generate the deposit data files with our software. They are OK with the Ethereum Launchpad site, but their withdrawal credentials weren’t those of Lido. That was the problem.

BTW, I would be grateful if you just happen to have somewhere the withdrawal credentials of Lido smart contract. I know I can get it with etherscan, but am in a time crunch now. :frowning:

Thank you again! :slight_smile:

Lido withdrawal credentials contract address is referenced in the docs ( (see deployed contracts page for the relevant network, or check the “validator keys” section of the node operator page under guides.

As described in docs, best method is to actually poll the Lido contract

Make sure to obtain correct withdrawal address by finding it inside the active withdrawal credentials either on Aragon UI or by calling the contract via Lido.getWithdrawalCredentials(). You can find the method on the Etherscan page for the Mainnet-deployed Lido and Etherscan page for the Prater-deployed Lido.