Proposal to claim stolen LDO tokens of licensed DeFi protocol

Official proposal to destroy of stolen LDO tokens of EU licensed DeFi protocol.
Using functions of LDO smart-contract it is possible to destroy and create LDO.

Total amount of LDO to destroy: 11,340
Hacker’s wallet address and name of project may be shared only after a destroy. Because hacker can sell LDO. Lido team got this info via e-mail.

All information about wallet, flow of stolen funds have been sent using the official email of DeFi project [email protected]***.****ork.
Date and time of e-mail: 17.05.2023 00:38 GMT+2.
We please Lido community to support this case and to back stolen funds to owners. Just imagine yourself as victim of hack. Unfortunately, our industry is full of such cases.
Mission of licensed crypto project - to protect investors.

Waiting for Lido’s team feedback.


The quest to destroy although noble and justifiable is open to arbitrary application and thus abuse. The asset shouldn’t suffer a course, the actor ordinarily does. Destroying the assets also delegitimizes the asset essentially. How about halving the value of a suspected hacked asset instead?


Sorry to hear that happened to your assets.
Unfortunately, whoever the Lido team is, it isn’t entitled to make this kind of decision. Burning and minting LDOs on arbitrary addresses can only happen upon successful on-chain DAO voting. Although this is doable, the nature of this proposal would require a lot more homework to be done and shared beforehand, i.e. a proper description of the case with proofs and addresses and also a rationale behind why the DAO should take this action. Without this data, the vote will definitely fail to even reach the quorum.
There was just one case in the past when this happened, but the details around it were quite different, you can read about it here: Proposal to freeze vesting for compromised address


A proper description of the case with proofs and addresses: all this information has been sent on [email protected]
If we will share this info here, there is a chance that hacker would sell LDO.
That’s why I please Lido Team to CONFIRM here the receiving of email from TOP 500 projects on Coinmarkercap. That’s how we plan to get quorom.

Dao voting is live Snapshot

We please Lido community to help our users to get their assets back in legal way.

We are here to answer your questions.

Again, the only way to burn tokens is by running an Aragon DAO vote. It lasts for three days and is completely transparent, the addresses will be visible to everyone and announced on all Lido comms channels out loud. The tokens simply cannot get burnt secretly.
Simply put, you cannot drag this thing through the DAO governance without disclosing all of the details beforehand. Not sure if they got anything in the mailbox but it won’t result in burning tokens, no matter what is in that email.


Destroy 11K LDO

DeFi project please to support a proposal to destroy 11340 LDO as stolen assets.

Hacker’s swap transaction:

Hacker’s wallet:

As licensed project in EU and top 500 by Coinmarketcap we are fully responsible for this proposal.

Stolen assets have been transferred here 103 days ago.

Cross-chain swap (Binance Chain to Ethereum):

Then stolen assets have been transferred here:

Cyberpolice made request to Etherscan to mark this wallet as Fake_Phising11629.

3 moths of holding and then transfer here

Swap DAI to LDO

We ask to destroy this 11340 LDO, using functions of LDO smart-contract it is possible, and then to create new LDO.

Hackers may not hold stolen assets in LDO as Lido has great DAO community.

To large holders: hackers should not spoil the reputation of Lido Finance.

Just imagine if Italian Mafia would buy Tesla shares - that’s not a positive signal for the potential investors at press.

Aldo official letter including a full report has been sent here [email protected]

We are open to answer your questions at Lido’s Discord and on Forum

Just imagine yourself as victim of hack. Unfortunately, our industry is full of such cases.

Mission of licensed crypto project - to protect investors.

Snapshot vote started

Please get your wallets ready to cast a vote :white_check_mark:, the Proposal to claim stolen LDO tokens due to hack Snapshot has started! The Snapshots ends on Thu, 18 May 2023 20:59:00 GMT.

Snapshot vote ended

The Proposal to claim stolen LDO tokens due to hack Snapshot hadn’t reached a quorum. :pensive:
The results are:
For: 2.6k LDO
Against: 738 LDO

Hi ! I am a new member and I need help to fix an issue with my LDO tokens on MEW.
I’m looking for an email or a chat with the Lido’s support team to help me. It’s the my ether wallet support team who ask to contact Lido’s support !
Could you help me please ?
Thank you in advance

Please, reach out to #ethereum channel on Lido discord? Discord