Proposal to form reWARDS Committee

In order to take receipt and hold the OP tokens granted to Lido DAO’s reWARDS committee by the Optimism Foundation. The reWARDS committee will be initialising a new multisig wallet on the Optimism Network.

The multi-sig composition will be 4/7 comprised of

  1. gstepanov with address 0x8D0855047b59a5f11262f095ee724b5A59a89710
  2. @kadmil with address 0x9A3f38AF97b791C85c043D46a64f56f87E0283D4
  3. @Carvas with address 0x1B3fcFCeF0d61454eee4cd4E38159D2A43E28541
  4. @marin with address 0x04e7C0350241b818eE5c92cc260008C9898F41cf
  5. @DeFiYaco with address 0x59d07dc34B135B17b87840a86BFF7302039E7EDf
  6. @greg_s with address 0xDCcbe0E74B47b89A8c2b6463c3B06dB533B4Fc98
  7. @adcv with address 0xcC692077C65dd464cAA7e7ae614328914f8469b3

This new multi-sig will join the existing LidoOnL2-related reWARDS multi-sig addresses:

Ethereum: 0x73b047fe6337183A454c5217241D780a932777bD

Optimism: 0x4Cf8fE0A4c2539F7EFDD2047d8A5D46F14613088

Arbitrum: 0xfDCf209A213a0b3C403d543F87E74FCbcA11de34

Once this multi-sig wallet is operationalized we will make note here on this thread and update the relevant docs pages (Mainnet | Lido Docs)