Request for Grant Program Review: Lido to Adopt CharmVerse to Power Grants

Authors: Bau, Alex Poon


We propose Lido consider migrating their Grants program to CharmVerse. CharmVerse wishes to equip Grantors and Grantees with a robust set of tools to simplify, streamline, and increase transparency for participants in the grants process.


It is important Lido continue to incentivize builders to build on top of and support Lido. The Grants program is a great way to attract high-quality builders and grow the ecosystem. This proposal is geared to Lido, or stakeholders who want to see Lido continue to thrive e.g. token holders, builders, and community members

Why CharmVerse for Lido Grants?

Trusted by Safe, Optimism, and other grants programs, CharmVerse provides a highly configurable, end-to-end solution for web3 grants management.

  • Submission form: step-by-step guide for applicants with fully customizable templates
  • Modern Editor: embed various elements like videos, NFTs, Dune Analytics, or other advanced data types
  • Templates: define specific criteria for grant applicants. Applicants auto-populate grant proposal with template that is best suited to their grant request
  • Rubrics: facilitate open and transparent rating of individual grant applications, applicants can track status of their application, based on committee evaluation
  • Integrated communication: one place for community members and council members to view, comment, and suggest changes to grant applications
  • Notifications: applicants receive in-app and email notifications for key status updates and feedback from grants council
  • Transparency: role based access enables advanced permissioning, make applications publicly viewable or comment only and allow review/evaluation or vote
  • Know the applicants: member profiles auto-populate with applicants’ ENS, Lens, and other identities
  • On-Chain Payments: via Gnosis Safe signatures or wallet to wallet transactions. On-chain payments are possible through Bounties
  • Milestones: are used to break up Bounty payments into smaller chunks. Grantees submit proof of work to unlock milestones and reviewers release milestone payments.
  • Flexibility to configure the grant application and review process, including application intake, feedback, review, evaluation, and bounty payment. Simplify and consolidate the number of tools needed to run Lido Grants to one
  • Customization Launch Lido Grants with custom branding, member directory, or any of the core features offered by CharmVerse (see below)


We propose Lido augment the existing grants program by integrating CharmVerse for processing grant applications from members of the Lido community.

Lido will be able to continue disbursal of grant funds via the Lido "Grant Multi-sig"


Learn how CharmVerse is Helping Improve Grants for web3 Organizations

  • charmverse(.)io/grants
  • Demo - Grants loom(.)com/share/ed3667a4151544329113ab34c51cf85c
  • Demo - Proposal Builder - youtube(.)com/watch?v=F37KwZLS7gU
  • Safe on CharmVerse app(.)charmverse(.)io/safe-grants-program/page-6263533219189241
  • Optimism on CharmVerse app(.)charmverse(.)io/op-grants/page-701220845245208

Thanks for sharing your proposal!
I sent it to the Lido Ecosystem Grant Organization Council Member. They will return with their feedback soon.

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Thank you for the update Jenya, I appreciate you taking the initiative and helping out!

I’ll keep my eyes and ears open incase you decide you’d like to move forward with exploring using CharmVerse for grants!

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Hey @Bau thanks for sharing!
Looks interesting but I have some questions, can we discuss in the chat? You can find link to my tg in the council section of LEGO page - Lido Ecosystem Grants Organisation - LEGO

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