Rewards Committee composition for Easy Track

Easy Track: The Rewards Committee composition

The Omnibus voting to enable Easy Track has been started. If passed, two roles will be granted to the EVMScriptExecutor smart contract:

  • ‘CREATE_PAYMENTS_ROLE’ to allow LEGO committee and Rewards Committee to handle fund allocations (top-up LEGO program and top-up whitelisted reward programs);
  • ‘SET_NODE_OPERATOR_LIMIT_ROLE’ to allow node operators to increase their staking limits.

In the Easy Track release announcement post we have mentioned the Rewards Committee multi-sig for rewards program management.
The Rewards Committee multi-sig set up at Easy Track smart contract deployment is a 2/3 Gnosis Safe and it currently includes three addresses of the individuals as follows:

This is not the final composition of the multi-sig, a proper proposal on it is still in the works and will be posted ASAP.

Please note, in case today’s omnibus passes, the said Rewards Committee will be able to initiate allocating funds into the rewards programs via Easy Track motions.
At the same time, the Rewards Committee isn’t meant to hold any treasury assets in the multi-sig and still will not be able to initiate any treasury asset transfers outside of Easy Track motions.


  • easy tracks vote omnibus is started
  • it is granting a multisig that might eventually become rewards committee (but is not yet voted in as such) a right to initiate rewards motions
  • that happened bc of undercoordination between easy tracks team and folks working on rewards committee
  • that ability to initiate rewards motions is relatively harmless bc it can be shot down with 0.5% of voting power anytime

It’s up to you to decide if that’s a blocker to the omnibus

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