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Name: StableLab
Delegate Address: stablelab.eth
Governance tracking: Boardroom, Internal tracker
Forum: @Matt_StableLab
Discord: Matt_StableLab #3210
Languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Romanian, Korean, Chinese


StableLab is a governance firm focused on professional delegation, DAO framework design, and product development. We work with various projects, from the ones just starting their journey to decentralization to the most prominent DeFi protocols.

Our systematic framework for DAOs covers governance methodologies, decentralized workforce, implementation, documentation, communication, and community engagement. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but we provide a framework of principles and tools we have developed throughout our experience.

We scale DAOs sustainably.


We are the leading professional delegate team with a track record across major DeFi protocols, including MakerDAO, Optimism, Aave, 1inch, Balancer, Element, InstaDapp, Hop, and more.

We pioneer delegation work through high governance standards, extensive research, hands-on expertise, and the consistent use of a code of conduct. Pushing forward web3 and DeFi since 2018, StableLab’s co-founders previously spent 3.5 years at the Maker Foundation.

Governance delegates and roles currently (or previously held by StableLab).

View all our proposals, votes, and milestones at /governance.



  1. Active: We participate in every aspect of the governance process, from creating and presenting proposals to providing feedback in the forums and actively voting.
  2. Research: Our decisions are backed by a team of experienced researchers and PhDs.
  3. Trust: We act unbiased and transparent, according to our code of conduct - driven by a strong set of ethics and values.


  • Use values to guide actions.
  • Maintain impartiality and transparency in participation.
  • Rely on data, research and prior expertise for proposals and votes.
  • Apply battle-tested internal policies for consistency.
  • Consult with the team for quality outcomes.


Lido has consistently demonstrated its commitment to offering innovative liquid staking solutions that prioritize accessibility and security for users worldwide. Recognizing that the minimum 32 ETH threshold for solo staking and concerns about centralized entities present significant barriers for many, Lido has taken significant strides to address these issues on a large scale. It is our conviction that, as professional delegates at Lido DAO, we can contribute meaningfully to the realization of liquid staking derivatives for a global audience.

One of the most striking aspects of Lido is its steadfast commitment to decentralization, as evidenced by a robust governance process and comprehensive documentation. Leveraging our extensive expertise and experience in the realm of governance, we aim to further fortify Lido’s DAO by drafting proposals designed to introduce solid frameworks that promote sustainable growth. Our active involvement as delegates will facilitate Lido’s continued expansion while adhering to the principles of decentralization and community-driven decision-making.


Through our holding company, we have invested in multiple projects to advance growth and governance for them. See the full list here.

We contribute to various protocols’ governance, such as MakerDAO, Optimism, Aave, 1inch, Balancer, and Element. See the full list here.

When applicable, we will disclose potential conflicts of interest in our rationale.


By delegating to StableLab, you acknowledge and agree that StableLab participates on a best-efforts basis and StableLab will not be liable for any form of damages related to StableLab’s participation in governance.


Hi there! Thank you for sharing information about StableLab. I was wondering if there are any specific proposals or initiatives that StableLab is currently proposing or working on within the Lido DAO?


Proposal: A decision on an outflow of 39.8 ETH from the Lido DAO treasury to aid in the Sushi recovery

Vote: No Action

Rationale: We have carefully evaluated the proposal concerning the outflow of 39.8 ETH to aid in Sushi recovery and have decided to vote in favor of “No action” on this proposal. Our rationale for this decision is as follows:

  1. Upholding neutrality: LidoDAO’s core strength lies in its neutrality and independence from external influences. By refraining from taking immediate action in this specific case, we can ensure that LidoDAO maintains neutrality and avoids being perceived as taking sides or acting as an arbitrator. This decision allows LidoDAO to focus on its primary functions without getting entangled in disputes or setting expectations for future involvement in similar cases.
  2. Lack of established policy framework: Currently, LidoDAO lacks a comprehensive policy for dealing with unexpected treasury inflows or addressing issues related to hacks and exploits in other projects. By opting for “No action,” we emphasize the importance of developing a well-defined policy framework that considers various scenarios and ensures consistency in decision-making.

We hope that this decision encourages individual project responsibility, ultimately promoting a more resilient DeFi ecosystem. We also hope that this decision avoids setting any unintended precedents that increase demands on LidoDAO’s resources.


Proposal: Nominating reWARDS committee as a Lido DAO representative for airdrops

Vote: For

Rationale: We vote ‘For’ the proposal to nominate the Lido DAO reWARDS committee as the representative for claiming and managing the 772,621 ARB tokens from the Arbitrum Foundation airdrop as well as future airdrops LidoDAO may be eligible for. We are in support of a well-structured plan that leverages the airdropped ARB tokens to grow Lido’s staking and wstETH DeFi ecosystem on Arbitrum One and across chains and ecosystems, while also ensuring transparency, adaptability, and scalability for future opportunities.


Proposal: Lido on Ethereum Validator Exits Policy V1.0

Vote: For

Rationale: We support the implementation of the Lido on Ethereum Validator Exits Policy v1.0, as it establishes clear guidelines and expectations for Node Operators in handling validator exit requests and enhances Node Operator accountability while prioritising user needs.

Proposal: [LIDO-v2] May 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023 | Lido Ongoing Grant Request

Vote: For

Rationale: We support voting “For” the LIDO-v2 proposal as it seeks continuity funding for Lido v2 development, maintenance, and decentralized governance. The proposal responsibly manages resources by capping liquidity incentives, switching from LDO to stETH, and amending the TRP Program to protect the DAO. We believe that this proposal strengthens Lido’s position as a decentralized Ethereum staking alternative.


Thank you for sharing your arguments publicly. Have you considered posting your decisions on the forum topics related to each vote? I believe it could attract a lot more attention there. As a reminder, the Snapshot usually includes a link to the corresponding topic

Hi @Jenya_K, thanks for the feedback. We’ll continue posting in this thread for a clear record of our participation in LidoDAO but will also remember to crosspost within the specific topics to spark conversation and receive feedback from the community.

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Proposal(s): Proposal to claim stolen LDO tokens due to hack
Aragon 157: Proposal to claim stolen LDO tokens due to hack
Aragon 158 : Proposal to claim stolen LDO tokens due to hack

Vote: Against

Rationale: While I sympathize with the parties affected by the hack, I am unable to support this proposal for the destruction and recreation of the stolen LDO tokens. This approach bypasses established LidoDAO governance procedures and sets a potentially harmful precedent.

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Proposal: A decision on an outflow of 39.8 ETH from the Lido DAO treasury to aid in the Sushi recovery (restart)

Vote: No action

Rationale: We vote no action on the basis of upholding neutrality and avoiding setting any expectations for LidoDAO to act as an arbitrator in similar situations. We anticipate this decision will expedite the creation of a comprehensive policy framework for addressing unexpected treasury inflows, as well as addressing issues concerning hacks and exploits in other projects.

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Proposal: Vote 159
Vote: Yes
Rationale: We vote yes to updating the Lido staking module role and funding the reWARDS committee for June 2023.


Thank you for the vote on Aragon #159! Would note that granting/revoking the role on the Staking router was required to set the targetValidatorsCount of Anyblock Analytics Node Operator to 0 (proposal and discussion: LIDO DAO proposal to set “targetValidatorsCount” for Anyblock Analytics operator to 0 to consolidate operations to Blockdaemon account - #5 by zuzu_eeka)

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Proposal: Nominate the Gas Supply Committee as a supervisor for gas expenditure
Vote: For
Rationale: This proposal enhances Lido’s operational efficiency and ensures timely fund security.

Proposal: Launchnodes - Impact Staking with Lido
Vote: For
Rationale: Supporting this proposal can broaden Lido’s engagement with new contributors, promote knowledge exchange, and pioneer a model where staking benefits can align with real-world impact.

Proposal: Lido Community Lifeguards Initiative
Vote: For
Rationale: This initiative is crucial to building a robust validator community for Lido.