Stereum CSM & SimpleDVT Integration Grant Proposal

Following the request for proposal for CSM and SDVTM integration, the attached document outlines Stereum’s proposal to integrate the CSM & SDVTM Lido Community Staking Modules into its Ethereum node setup tool. This integration aims to simplify the setup and management of Ethereum nodes, enhancing accessibility to LIDO’s services and aims in a first step for TIER 0 & TIER 1 of the outlined qualifications, later building on this to provide a service up to TIER 4.

Key highlights include:

  • User-Friendly Enhancements: Introduction of one-click installation options for both Lido Community (Vanilla) Staking and Lido Community DVT Staking Modules, streamlining node setup.
  • Custom Installation Options: Flexibility for users to incorporate Lido staking services into various infrastructure setups, with custom installation choices.
  • Monitoring and Management: Enhanced UI features for node monitoring, including new dashboard components, validator list updates, and in-app alerts tailored for Lido staking.
  • Maintenance and Support: Commitment by Stereum to provide ongoing support and updates, ensuring compatibility with future releases and offering user guidance.
  • Budget and Phasing: The proposal requests a EUR 52 500 grant from the Lido DAO, with a phased approach encompassing research, specification, implementation, and testing.

This initiative marks a significant advancement in decentralizing Lido’s staking services and enhancing their accessibility, furthering the realization of this vision. We are excited to be part of this important step, building together towards it.


Hello @stefa2k, thank you for this proposal!

It looks good to me, I just have a couple of questions:

  • In the RFP it’s said that proposals should contain info about an approximate estimation of current userbase (e.g. number of active users, number of users who run validators using the software). AFAIR from one of our conversations, you don’t collect usage statistics, can you confirm you still don’t?
  • Can you elaborate on the research part of this proposal?

We still don’t actively & we generally trying to avoid to completely. You could take the Github release download numbers & default Graffiti “” set by Stereum as an indicator, though this is heavily inflated by own operation & at any point changeable by the user with the click of a button.

We are integrating this into an already existing software. We expect guardrails to be set by Lido, to protect their operations, but in the same vein we have to set guardrails to ensure stable operation for staking beginners, this opportunity will surely attract. Research in how to do this, such as how they can slash themselves and how we prevent this, what the user flow is, what to do if you have to migrate, etc. The other thing is that we are interested in going for all of the outlined tiers, and the request proposal is really awkward in this regard for us, as we are developing UI along the way anyway. While we already fulfill some points from each, a few of the points require additional hours of us trying to research & decide on the best approach for us. An example of this would be the in the proposal outlined & aspired to wallet integration. Given that we so far strictly separated node operation from wallet management for a variety of security reasons even in protocols that would benefit from it.


Hey hey @stefa2k I’m glad to tell that LEGO council approved the SDVTM part of the proposal!
Could you please provide the address to receive the grant in Ethereum mainnet?

CSM integration to be assessed when CSM specification is finalized.


Hi @Alex_L , thank you very much for supporting Stereum with this grant. We discussed internally about the amount for SDVTM only.

  • SDVTM: EUR 35 000
  • CSM: EUR 17 500

The cost mentioned here is based on the estimate of the upfront development work to implement both integrations in Stereum. Some parts are needed for both implementations.

Payment 50 % upfront and 50 % when finished as mentioned in the grant proposal above. Please provide payments to: stereum.eth (0x81D30BF2047cC5Ee5f903CC00594edC8D5018D31)

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Thank you!
What is a little bit counter intuitive to me is why SDVTM integration costs more then CSM one, although time estimations were higher for CSM?


This is - as mentioned in my reply from yesterday - due to upfront development work we need to do to implement both. 8 weeks of the 16 weeks of CSM from the quote are now necessary to do first with SDVTM.


Thank you, so it’s roughly 38,090 DAI for SDVTM using 7 day average (50% paid upfront), please confirm @stefa2k

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Looks good to me, thanks!

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GM, the first part of the grant is sent, looking forward to seeing the integration goes live!


Hi Stereum team! I’m pleased to inform you that the LEGO committee voted to approve your CSM integration grant proposal.

Looking forward to having CSM integration directly in Stereum!


@stefa2k congrats with the approval of CSM grant!
The USD equivalent using 7 days average is $18,990 to be paid in DAI to: stereum.eth (0x81D30BF2047cC5Ee5f903CC00594edC8D5018D31). 50% upfront, 50% after delivered.

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@Alex_L thank you very much! Yes, the amount looks correct from my side.

GM @stefa2k , the 50% upfront part of the grant is transferred, looking forward for this integration!