User research into 1k+ LDO token holders

OpenUX is excited to be starting in-depth user research into the needs and behaviors of LDO token holders, specifically those holding larger sums of tokens without much governance participation!

If you hold over 1k LDO, we want to speak to you! No prior experience voting or contributing is required.

To participate, please complete this 1 minute survey. We also appreciate referrals to anyone else who would be a good fit: Research on LDO experience

Anyone who completes the survey may be eligible for a paid interview with our team (where pseudonymity is also allowed). If you have any questions, please reply below or reach out to me on Telegram: @henryhh. Thank you!

The full proposal behind this project, for reference, is linked here: User Research and Activation Plan to engage new token holders in Lido DAO Governance by OpenUX


I hope to see the feedback from the community, including on the forum.

Also, I can confirm that @henry is a contributor to OpenUX and performing this research, and the links he provides are safe.