Where is my ETH? when my withdraw tx failed, I cannot found my ETH or stETH

where is my ETH? when my withdraw tx failed, I cannot found my ETH or stETH

This is the tx:


The transaction was initiated a long time ago, but due to the low gas fee set, it was only packaged today. However, the transaction failed, yet my ETH and stETH are missing.

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Your transaction failed since the address didn’t have stETH for withdrawal during the transaction execution.

As I see, your stETH was transferred out 21 days ago. you can see the related tx history below.

Also, through the etherscan token approval, you gave an address an unlimited amount of allowance. If you don’t trust the address, better to revoke it. More info here:

Thank you very much.

Can you figure out how these transactions got my approval? I didn’t do anything, why were they able to construct an approval and transfer my stETH in one transaction?

You likely interacted with a phishing site impersonating Lido or some other platform, then you approved the contract yourself.

Same BS just happened to me. Went to unstake my ETH got a message saying it couldn’t be processed and now no stETH or otherwise showing up in my account. Total scam by Lido. And I wasn’t caught in a phishing site. Liso needs to have a full support staff to resolve these issues.

Could you share your wallet address? And are you saying that even though the transaction couldn’t be processed that stETH was still withdrawn from your wallet?

That’s exactly what happened.

share the tx hash so it can be troubleshooted

I find that hard to believe. If no transaction was processed then nothing should’ve been withdrawn from your wallet. You can check if you have a deactivating stake on the Claim tab at Withdrawals | Lido. If it says you have a stake pending that means you successfully unstaked and now you just need to wait for the deactivation queue. After the queue you need to manually redeem the NFT you received after unstaking for your ETH.