Why Lido proposed blocks is uncomparable to its validator size?

According to Lido: Execution Layer Rewards Vault | Address 0x388c818ca8b9251b393131c08a736a67ccb19297 | Etherscan, Lido now produced around 600 blocks per day. However, Lido now accounts for more than 30% of staking balance, which means it should produce around 7200*0.3 = 2160 blocks per day. Why Lido is producing so few blocks?

According to the data https://fees-monitoring.lido.fi/, Lido validators proposed 16108 blocks over the past week (~2300 blocks/day)

and the blocks proposed by Lido have 2 types of fee recipients. The link you provided only tracks the blocks with direct fee recipient (i.e. 0x388c818ca8b9251b393131c08a736a67ccb19297).