wstETH Deployment on zkSync

A working group of the Lido on Ethereum protocol contributors (@arwer13, @psirex, @TheDZhon)
has conducted a thorough evaluation of the current proposal and reached the following conclusions:

  • The proposed contracts adhere to the established design of the wstETH token on Layer 2 solutions.
  • The deployments are in full correspondence with the presented audit, source code, and bytecode wise, with no critical/high issues left unresolved
  • All configurations and parameters are appropriate and meet expectations.
  • The access control list (ACL) setup appears valid concerning the Lido DAO ownership and usage of the Emergency Breaks configuration for both L1 and L2 counterparts.

NB: The L1 bridge part would be unpaused before going live, with the remaining non-pausing roles given up to the DAO Agent performing the following one-shot actions list on behalf of the L1 emergency breaks:

We suggest the Lido DAO consider endorsing this proposal and taking ownership, which would facilitate progression to the subsequent stage of network development on Layer 2 solutions.