Emergency Brakes signer rotation

It is proposed to rotate one of the Emergency Brakes multisigs signers.

The 3/5 Emergency Brakes multisigs have been introduced to safeguard Easy Track and L2 bridges (specifically Arbitrum and Optimism). Please, follow this link for more details on multisig composition. Emergency Brakes multisigs can:

Once paused, normal operations can only be resumed via Aragon voting. Emergency Brakes multisigs do not have the power to transfer any funds.

@vsh will depart the multisig leaving a vacancy, so it is proposed to rotate their address 0x2a96805188e583dd760785A0dE93128504DDd5c7 for @theDZhon (Lido on Ethereum protocol team) with address 0x59f8d74fe49d5ebeac069e3baf07eb4b614bd5a7.

The vote to consent on the rotation will be made by token holders via snapshot voting in early September.


Hey there, with the consent of the Lido DAO, I’ll be honored to join the Emergency Brakes multisigs with address 0x59f8d74fe49d5ebeac069e3baf07eb4b614bd5a7.

Etherscan signature:


Snapshot vote started

Please get your wallets ready to cast a vote :white_check_mark:, the Emergency Brakes signer rotation Snapshot has started! The Snapshots ends on Thu, 14 Sep 2023 14:00:00 GMT.


Snapshot vote ended

The Emergency Brakes signer rotation Snapshot was missing some of your votes
necessary to reach a quorum and failed, unfortunately. :cry:
The results are:
For: 45.9M LDO
Against: 3.8k LDO

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Snapshot vote started

The Emergency Brakes signer rotation Snapshot has started! Please cast your votes before Fri, 22 Sep 2023 18:00:00 GMT :pray:

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Snapshot vote ended

Thank you all who participated in the Emergency Brakes signer rotation Snapshot, the proposal passed! :pray:
The results are:
For: 50.1M LDO
Against: 1.4k LDO