wstETH Deployment to Base and Ownership Acceptance by Lido DAO

Hello @Sasha_Mai,

I’d like to express my appreciation for the meticulously crafted proposal, particularly in relation to the deployment specifics and details.

Drawing from my experience as a contributor to the Lido on Ethereum core protocol, I can acknowledge the following:

  • The contracts provided align perfectly with those used in the wstETH on Optimism deployments. Furthermore, given that the Base network maintains 1:1 compatibility with Optimism, thanks to its construction using the OP Stack, it offers an added layer of confidence.
  • The configuration and parameters appear accurate and seem to effectively mirror the Optimism deployment.
  • The detailed ACL setup appears comprehensive. Based on the information, one could infer that it fully embodies the ownership structure of the Lido DAO (if accepted)
  • I find it worth noting the incorporation of the latest Emergency Breaks configuration for both L1 and L2 counterparts with only a pause ability in case of contingencies

I genuinely hope the Lido DAO considers this deployment favorably.