Yearly revenue reports

Could someone point me to the revenue reports (yearly) of Lido DAO?

I am looking at -
a) fees generated in staked tokens (ETH, MATIC, SOL)
b) Conversion of fees in stables or any other currency
c) any other relevant information

Goal -
To perform some calculations based on current treasury reserves of Lido.

The @steakhouse team has a fantastic dashboard on Dune covering Lido’s financial statements, although it’s limited to Ethereum:


Thank you! We have not publicized it a lot yet (but we will once we’re ready soon). You can certainly check it.

It’s not just Steakhouse work, we developed it in tandem with the Analytics workstream, it has been a huge lift on their part!

Like all Dune queries the logic is open source and subject to change as the protocol evolves.


Primarily was looking for ETH data only, thanks :+1: