Add Easy Track stETH factories for Lido Contributors Group


To facilitate the unimpeded operation of Lido Contributors Group (LCG) Steakhouse Financial proposed to add three Easy Track setups, able to request funding from Lido Treasury by the respectful committees which constitute LCG.

As a continuation of this proposal, an on-chain vote will be held. If the on-chain vote is approved by the Lido DAO, following multisigs will be granted rights to start Easy Track motions to request of up to 1000 stETH per month from the Lido Treasury:


[EGG] st2024 v1 proposal seeks funding from the Lido DAO for LCG and was approved on the Snapshot accordingly.
Treasury Management Committee decided on TMC-1: Pipeline to sell stETH at regular intervals for DAI which should set up a process to secure 12mos of stablecoin working capital each time the available stablecoin balance reaches 3mos remaining, based on the average monthly stablecoin disbursements over the past 3mos. But this solution is still WIP, requiring to pass all security checks and audits to be a reliable one.
Meanwhile the balance of stable tokens in the Lido treasury is depleting (atm 2.2M USDT, 22k DAI and less than 1k USDC), not having a convenient solution for the DAO to swap available stETH into USD stable coins.


For each committee of LCG (ATC, PML and RCC) a separate Easy Track top up setup of factories is going to be attached to Easy Track via the upcoming on-chain voting (in case approved by the DAO).

The contracts were deployed with the following parameters:

The addresses of the deployed and verified contracts are:





On-chain voting has been launched!
stETH factories for Lido Contributors Group are being added in points 10-12.
The main phase will last until January 18th, 4:24 PM UTC!
Don’t miss the opportunity to vote!

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The voting has been restarted.
The main phase will last until January 25th, Thursday, 14:01.
Please vote! Lido DAO Voting UI

The on-chain vote met the quorum and was executed! Thank you for taking part and casting your votes!

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