Easy Track setup for reWARDS in stETH


In the [LIDO-v2] May 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023 | Lido Ongoing Grant Request post it was proposed to switch reWARDS payments from LDO to stETH and reduce the budget to the amount equal to 4m DAI.

This proposal was supported in the snapshot vote.


It’s proposed to deploy a new setup of contracts (TopUpAllowedRecipients, AddAllowedRecipient, RemoveAllowedRecipient and AllowedRecipientsRegistry) for further integration with Easy Track.

With these factories it will be possible to transfer funds from the Treasury under a security limit: 2100 stETH for every 3 months.

The following parameters are proposed for the new setup:

token = 0xae7ab96520DE3A18E5e111B5EaAb095312D7fE84, # stETH

budget amount = 2_100 * 10 ** 18, # 2100

budget period duration (month) = 3, # 3 month

multisig = 0x87D93d9B2C672bf9c9642d853a8682546a5012B5, # reWARDS multisig

recipient(s) titles = [”reWARDS multisig”], # reWARDS multisig
recipient(s) addresses = [0x87D93d9B2C672bf9c9642d853a8682546a5012B5], # reWARDS multisig.

The current setup for reWARDS in LDO will be disconnected from Easy Track when not needed.


The Easy Track factories setup was deployed:


On-chain vote intended to add new deployed factories for stETH to the Easy Track registry (vote items 9-11) and remove factories for LDO (vote items 12-14) passed and was executed on the 30th of June