Candidate proposal (Isidoros Passadis) for “Master of Validators” Core Contributor Role


A proposal to engage Isidoros Passadis (aka Izzy), acting through the company Erebus Digital B.V. incorporated in the Netherlands (KVK (Chamber of Commerce) number 84124318) (the “Service Provider”), for the Core Contributor Role of Master of Validators for Lido. For details on the proposed duties, compensation, and incentive awards, please refer to the Master of Validators Role Definition.


As Lido rapidly grows (increasing TVL, expanding validator set, introduction of staking solutions for new networks), there are increasing challenges in coordinating Lido community participants, aligning operational strategies across networks, and ensuring that node operators are performing according to expectations. Thus, a Master of Validators role is needed for Lido.

Qualifications & Experience

We believe Isidoros’ experience and qualifications make him an ideal candidate for the role of Master of Validators of the Lido DAO.

Isidoros has been involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space since 2017. His recent efforts in the space include writing about MEV and its possible effects on staking centralization, publishing purely code-based generative NFTs, and, in light of the SHIB donation to Gitcoin, asking Vitalik whether he prefers cats or dogs live on air.

Isidoros is a generalist with core competencies around stakeholder management, governance and risk, and process and controls design. His academic background is in International Relations and Economics. Professionally he spent the first half of his career at a Big4 firm, and has over 10 years of experience in the field of auditing and consulting (financial and IT), and financial and enterprise risk management. Most recently, he worked for Nike Europe as a Manager in the Financial Governance and Controls department, helping the retail business manage financial controls and processes, reviewing automation solutions, and leading the compliance aspect of an ERP implementation managing billions of dollars.

In the time that he has been provisionally performing the duties of Master of Validators , he has begun the streamlining of the onboarding process, coordinated two successful onboarding rounds, and helped Chorus One with operator coordination for the stSOL rollout.


So most of you know me by now as I’ve been involved in an informal capacity for a bit, but I also wanted to post here to say thanks for being nominated to take up this role and that I’m here to answer questions (or via @isidorosp on telegram) people may have.


Isidoros’s work on herding cats had been nothing but stellar all this time. Also, getting him on board will open up opportunities for a lot of izzy puns.


I want to personally voice my support for Izzy to fill the role of Master of Validators. He’s been nothing but helpful and kind on smoothing out coordination and operations of Lido validators. Understanding the ins and outs of validators is a rare talent and I’d love to see Izzy fully on board before other protocols start getting ideas.


Just saw this thread and want to say I 100% support it. @Izzy has been great to work with and it’s exciting to see him more involved in Lido!


I can only mirror what @timbeiko said: @Izzy has been a pleasure to work with, Lido can be happy to have him. Full support


100% support this, if the Lido has the chance to engage @Izzy — I think that’s a great chance not to be missed. He’s doing an outstanding work with Node Operators, and I hope to see more to come =)


Izzy has been enormously helpful in coordinating the onboarding of node operators for Lido for Solana and taking over node operator management in general for both Ethereum and Solana, as well as representing Lido in the wider ecosystem and working on a long-term strategy. Chorus One is strongly in favor of this proposal!


Also voicing my support for @Izzy. He has improved the level at which node operators run nodes for Lido by pushing for an initiative to share best practices, and more generally for making sure all providers get heard in the decision-making process. When talking and working with Izzy, I feel he genuinely wants the best for the whole community and this has made him a great person to build with. + he’s a great human