Continue SUSHI LP rewards

Second 30-days reward period for Sushi wstETH<>DAI liquidity pool incentives is set to end on October, 17th.
Since it’s launch in mid August, the LP has been consistently incentivized with 200,000 LDO and around 5,000 SUSHI per month. The pool has grown and now it holds steadily at $41 million of liquidity. It has seen up to $3 million daily trade volume. Please check our SUSHI LP analytical board to learn more about the pool performance). At over 25% APR, it remains one of the best liquidity mining opportunities for wstETH holders.

We propose to continue rewards for Sushi LP with the same amount of 200,000 LDO for the third 30-days reward period starting on October 17th.

In case you have any objections, please comment on this post. Otherwise, we will include LDO rewards allocation into the next weekly Omnibus voting held on Thursday, October 14th.