Continue LP Rewards for Sushi

Three weeks ago a wstETH<>DAI liquidity pool has been launched on Sushi.
The LP was initially incentivized with double rewards including 200,000 LDO and around 6,000 SUSHI for the first month. Over the past weeks, the pool has grown to $41 million of liquidity and seen up to $1.8 million daily swap volume (visit our dedicated analytical board to learn more about the pool performance). At around 25% APR, it is currently among the most profitable liquidity mining opportunities for wstETH holders.
Sushi LP is a part of our big liquidity diversification plan, and we are looking forward to incentivizing further pool growth. We propose to continue LP rewards for Sushi with the same amount of LDO for the second 30-day reward period starting on September 17th.
We also expect our partners at Sushi to extend rewards for the upcoming month.
In case this proposal sparks no debate in the community, we propose including LDO rewards allocation into the next weekly Omnibus voting held on Thursday, September 9th. Any feedback is very much welcome!


Could the incentive be distributed to Sushi’s Arbitrum deployment?


Well, not this time, since the farm lives on L1. Though we will definitely look into this opportunity for future incentives.


I would support this extension. Willing to vote on it.

Also would love some sort of LP Farming program on polygon in the near future.

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Sushi LP rewards have been extended for another month, the community voted for this proposal as part of the last week’s omnibus voting.
And there’s the word on the street about transitioning LP farming programs to some l2 options soonish.