Converting bETH from Terra to ETH

Hi everyone,

I am trying to convert my bETH from Terra to stETH in Ethereum. The instructions at Lido | Convert Ethereum bETH to stETH asks to use wormholebridge: Portal Token Bridge

I have done that but it is now appearing in contract as BETH wormhole 0x126cb78939f5a1401b427e915c0d09e396a07a33

I´ve done using Terra bridge previously and it should end up 0x707F9118e33A9B8998beA41dd0d46f38bb963FC8

How to I convert BETH of 0x126cb78939f5a1401b427e915c0d09e396a07a33 to stEth, it seems it is not recognized in the unwrap?


suggest to include a link to the guide in the unwrap page. A Guide To Collateralising bETH in Anchor Protocol | Lido Finance I missed the step converting bETH to webETH Wrap | Lido

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Have you been able to fix the issue ? @wenlaunch