Converting bETH from Terra to ETH

Hi everyone,

I am trying to convert my bETH from Terra to stETH in Ethereum. The instructions at Lido | Convert Ethereum bETH to stETH asks to use wormholebridge: Portal Token Bridge

I have done that but it is now appearing in contract as BETH wormhole 0x126cb78939f5a1401b427e915c0d09e396a07a33

I´ve done using Terra bridge previously and it should end up 0x707F9118e33A9B8998beA41dd0d46f38bb963FC8

How to I convert BETH of 0x126cb78939f5a1401b427e915c0d09e396a07a33 to stEth, it seems it is not recognized in the unwrap?


suggest to include a link to the guide in the unwrap page. I missed the step converting bETH to webETH Wrap | Lido

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Have you been able to fix the issue ? @wenlaunch

Yes, he mentioned the missing step here:

Alternatively, we’ve released a thread with some helpful information:

Note that the Classic network is quite unstable and multiple dApps have been facing technical issues, so the withdrawal flow might not be fully functional at all time. Please exercise caution when interacting with Terra Classic.