Deepen liquidity and leveraged positions for stETH and LDO on - DeFi partnership project

Hi all. enables LP tokens and LSDs (yield bearing assets) to be collateralized and borrowed against in a fully customizable (supply and borrowing ceilings, flexible liquidations, interest rate model, etc) isolated lending pool.

ANKR has set up a pool on BNB (currently $3.5M TVL) to deepen their liquidity on LSD LP pools on THENA.

I would like to propose a partnership with to deploy a fully isolated, risk adjusted pool to follow that same model and allow deeper liquidity and leverage positions of stETH and LDO (on all chains).

I can only see synergies and enhanced capital efficiency in this partnership. This would be interesting for the entire community, and is important to scale to new strategies.



  1. Had to delete the proposal from Snapshot gov and was asked to post it here first, so here we are.

@Hasu wondering what your thoughts are and if a snapshot vote for this makes sense. I think we reached around 134 people voting yes before we realized we had to post here in the forum prior to snapshot. Thanks :slight_smile:

My downvote was not about the proposal itself (I didn’t evaluate it) but because it ignored our due process for governance, which is outlined here.

Your specific request would fall under the domain of the reWARDS committee.

Thanks for posting on the forum first!


thanks @Hasu, will rename to reWARDS (@jbeezy)


Hey, thanks for the proposal, and thanks Hasu for pointing to the gov process & to the reWARDs committee.

I’d ask you to submit the proposal via this form, under the rewards option, along with the other details asked there (audits, and other info).

This is the process through which bd contributors and the committee are using to evaluate proposals for future collaborations of this kind. Also feel free to reach out to me with any doubts while submitting.