SEEDGov Delegate Thread

Delegate Introduction

Name: @SEEDLatam

Wallet Address: 0xc1c2e8a21b86e41d1e706c232a2db5581b3524f8


Our delegation is excited about the opportunity to join Lido Governance, where we hope to contribute significantly to the leading liquid staking protocol in the ecosystem. We’ll do so by maintaining active and meaningful participation with a dedicated team backed by the entire SEEDOrg and ad hoc consultants.

What is SEEDGov?

SEEDGov is a dynamic and evolving vertical within the SEED Org ecosystem, dedicated to shaping the future of decentralized governance in the web3 space through active participation, community engagement, decision-making and experimentation. Our approach stands for minimizing governance where appropriate and professionalize it where necessary.

We are the first Latam based Delegate Platform actively engaging in various governance activities. Rooted in community values, we’ve shifted from educational models to a participatory approach, driving a new chapter in how individuals collaborate, coordinate, and decide in the ever-changing landscape of Web3.

Our scope of work across various projects and protocols includes managing grant and allocation programs, designing and implementing governance infrastructure, creating and overseeing incentive programs, and onboarding builders to align with protocol needs.

How we work

As a professional delegate platform SEEDGov collaborates with communities and partners to ensure credible representation of all interested in Web3’s future. Since its inception, SEEDGov has advocated for critical thinking through education. We do not endorse scams or collaborate with blockchains, projects, or protocols that are not aligned with our core values.

The members selected to be part of our delegation will collaborate both directly and indirectly with other SEEDGov members. Any decisions made by this delegation regarding governance will be thoroughly discussed and communicated to all stakeholders through our discussion channels and properly executed through specialized units.


Participation in forum discussion threads and daily activities represent the opinions of SEEDGov and collaborators in their efforts to stay up to date with their roles. Our delegation will do its utmost to represent and embody our values to enhance Lido’s governance:

  • Decentralization: As Lido DAO’s purpose is to “keep Ethereum decentralized, accessible to all, and resistant to censorship”, all of our initiatives and proposals will align with these same principles. Along with this position, and as the ecosystem continues to mature and be driven by its community, we will collaborate in the creation, iteration, and improvement of governance processes to ensure broader participation and that the system remains secure.
  • Community-Led Growth & Sustainability: We will promote and support all initiatives that enable the growth, adoption, scalability, and innovation of Lido’s ecosystem. Our focus will be placed on ensuring that all growth initiatives are reliable, secure, and sustainable over time. We are willing to undertake “protocol activism” regarding Lido’s significance in the web3 ecosystem and our alignment with its guiding principles. We intend to focus and try our best efforts on onboarding and educating stakeholders, as well as advocating for Lido within the broader blockchain and DeFi communities.
  • Security: We will always make sure that no DAO decisions will jeopardize the security of the protocol and thus harm users.

Our case

Lido’s innovative infrastructure has revolutionized staking by lowering barriers and boosting the entire crypto ecosystem. Its user-friendly design and elimination of asset locking have propelled Lido to hold ~30% of the ETH staking market. This positions Lido’s future developments and challenges as potential tipping points for the entire ETH landscape. Being part of this space will enable us to be informed and continue understanding, building, and participating in the following verticals (among others):

  1. Governance: The proposed Dual Governance framework -dynamic timelock and rage quit mechanisms- offers a promising balance between wstETH stakers and other stakeholders, ensuring an effective system of checks and balances and strong incentives alignment, representing LDO holders and protocol users’ interests. However, in search of achieving governance minimization, the social layer will remain a critical instance of the collective decision-making and consensus-building process, where a deep understanding of Lido will play a crucial role. Addressing and arbitrating potential disputes and misalignments between the different stakeholders is something that SEEDGov can help.
  2. Alliances: We consider that the recently approved Lido Alliance framework comes as a solution in line with the current trends in the web3 ecosystem, effectively balancing efficiency and scalability. Allowing the community to decide on these partnerships ensures both transparency and tangible impact in the decision-making process. At this point, we can’t envision another solution that wouldn’t risk fracturing our ecosystem. SEEDGov consistently conducts research and maintains a global, comprehensive understanding of the DeFi ecosystem, enabling us to evaluate and assess potential partnerships for Lido.
  3. L2 Expansion: From SEED we’re highly committed to advancing Lido’s mission of making staking simple, secure, and accessible to everyone. We consider that continuing to integrate wstETH native minting on diverse L2 ecosystems, including various rollups, can drive adoption and liquidity, enhancing an interconnected DeFi ecosystem. More presence on L2 protocols will enhance the overall UX, encouraging more users to stake their ETH and participate in Lido’s ecosystem.


SEEDGov is a broad organization that not only encompasses communities in Latam, but also has high participation in some of the most prominent governances in the ecosystem such as Optimism, Arbitrum, Uniswap, Gnosis, Starknet, Everclear (Connext), and Maker. As mentioned above we come to Lido Governance to bring value, in case there is any conflict of interest, we will communicate it to the community members.