Ecosystem summaries to help the community stay up to date

GM! I created a tool to help keep users up to date in web3. For example, this is the newsfeed for Lido: The Lido community | It covers governance discussions, snapshot votes, github PRs, and github code repositories.

We use AI to summarise and give context to the information, among other things.

I’d love to hear any feedback and how I can make this more useful and specific for Lido. For example, i do plan to add Easy Track proposals and on-chain proposals eventually, but are there any more pressing/valuable information that the Lido community would need?


I personally really like the summaries you create, and I believe it’s one of the highest quality options for activity aggregators available in Web3. As part of the community, of course, the first thing I’d like to see is on-chain voting in the voting section, which currently only features Snapshot votes.

  1. It is better to cover Lido Blog:
  2. About the digest format, do you think bullet points are better?
  3. How to decide one forum discussion/post would be added? As I see, some posts with few views and 0 replies are added under latest tab.
  4. suggest attaching each section with tags like Proposals, Node Operators, Community Staking and so.
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Thanks for the feedback, i’ll add on-chain voting to the roadmap :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback!

  1. Yes we’re looking at adding more ‘official’ data sources soon
  2. We’re still in the early stages so are experimenting with the digest format. Would bullet points work better for you? Or shorter? Or longer?
  3. All topics/posts are indexed, so you’re just seeing the latest topics that were recently posted, which usually are so new they have 0 replies
  4. We just deployed this change, so now there are category tags for discussions. Let me know what you think!


I prefer bullet points personally. aha

The forum is almost free to post since everyone is able to post related or non-related contents in the forum. I think the goal is to show users key and high-quality contents so it is better to do a filtering, e.g. If a post hits a threshold of views in a short time at the beginning, it proves its popularity and it should be included.

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