Enhancing Lido Analytics: Automated Weekly Digest Reports


The Analytics Digest Helper uses real-time data from Dune Analytics to automate the creation of the weekly analytics digest for Twitter threads. This tool significantly reduces the time commitment for the Analytics Team, streamlining the process to just review and publish.

Scope of Work

After initial proof-of-concept iterations with the Analytics Team, we’ve agreed upon the following product features:

  • Live data feed integration from Dune Analytics
  • A predefined list of data points, as provided by the Analytics Team, to be included in the tool
  • Automatic generation of graphs and tables to be attached to the Twitter thread
  • Mimic the writing style and language used in previous Twitter threads

Points of Contact

Code Review: skhomuti

Analytics Team Contacts: Sam M

Current Status

After about a month of refining the product requirements and development, the tool is now live in production. It resides in the Lido GitHub repository and is executed through weekly GitHub Workflow actions. The generated weekly digest is automatically uploaded to Google Drive for review.

This tool should significantly reduce the amount of time spent by Lido Analytics contributors compiling the weekly digest. It is open source and available to the public for review, use, and adaptation.

Future Work

The tool’s performance relies on the quality and consistency of the data it receives. Should there be any changes in Dune Analytics queries, the tool will require updates. I intend to continue maintaining this project and liaising with the Analytics Team to implement timely updates as needed.


To ensure the ongoing success and maintenance of this project, I am requesting funding for previous development and future support. The specifics are as follows:

Development Rate: $62.50/hour

Estimated Time Committed: 60 hours

Total Funding Request: $3,750 in DAI

Wallet Address: 0x91589159c1c80EaE9f3BB33637f314C2dc8fE434


This tool does help to save time every week so I have no objections to this funding request.
Thank you for your contribution!


LEGO has approved the grant!