Figment winding down its Solido operations

As of today, December 9th, Figment will be winding down its Solido operations (i.e., exiting the Lido on Solana set).

The exit will occur during the transition to Lido on Solana v2, so no specific multisig operations will be necessary, i.e. Figment will shut down its Lido-specific node (see here) and at the end of the v2 upgrade will not be a part of the Lido on Solana set.

Figment believes that Lido occupies an important area in the web3 ecosystem. Moreover, we operate validators on other Lido protocols and will continue to do so.

(see here:


Hey Ben! Thanks for posting the announcement here as well. While the decision is understandable it’s a shame that Figment is departing the Lido on Solana set (for now), but I hope improvement of economic conditions in the future may see Figment rejoin.

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