RockLogic Monthly Notes - 02/2024

Dear Lido Community,

Welcome to our monthly news, where we provide you with updates on our efforts to establish a secure Ethereum environment. Here’s a summary of notable developments since our last update.

DVT x Lido stuff:
The following highlights our progress and achievements since the last update.

Advancements & Result:

  • Upgraded SSV node and DKG service specifically for the Lido test.
  • Successfully managed our clusters as the Cluster Coordinator.
  • Ensured the health of SSV nodes and DKG services for all cluster members through monitoring.
  • Provided support to cluster members, helping with node setup, resolving unreachable services and others
  • Reported any issues encountered to both Lido and SSV teams, followed instructions accordingly to apply necessary fixes.
  • Completed the first and second batch of validators for all clusters, creating validators as instructed, coordinating MultiSig transactions, and registering validators at SSV and Lido registry.

CSM and SimpleDVT integration:
Stereum Team submitted a proposal to integrate the CSM & SimpleDVT Lido Community Staking Modules into its Ethereum node setup tool.

Advancements & Result:

  • The proposal aims to simplify the setup and management of Ethereum nodes, making Lido’s services more accessible.
  • Includes custom installation options, monitoring and management features, user-friendly feature enhancement and ongoing support.

Next Steps:

  • The proposal has been submitted to the Lido DAO requesting a grant for the same. Once the proposal receives approval, our next steps will involve conducting thorough research, specifying requirements, implementing the integration, and conducting rigorous testing to ensure a successful outcome. Your patience is appreciated as we await the approval process.

Prysm nodes:
The Prysm nodes have been reactivated with the latest version after a thorough evaluation period.

Advancements & Result:

  • In response to the reported bug, we took precautionary measures and temporarily took our nodes offline. After evaluating the situation and implementing the necessary fixes, our operations have improved. This ensures a smoother and more reliable experience for Ethereum staking

Ethereum encountered a Nethermind fork, but it had minimal impact on our operations. We closed the ports to the Nethermind nodes temporarily and allowed the failover beacon nodes to take over. Following this, we resynced all Nethermind nodes with the new patch and reopened the ports after a successful sync.

Advancements & Result:

  • Implementing the new patch allowed us to effectively mitigate the fork issue, ensuring the stability of our Ethereum network and restoring normal operations without significant disruptions.

Nimbus Issue:
Our Nimbus Validator Client unexpectedly fell back to doppelgänger mode after running for 12 days. This incident occurred despite long-term use of Nimbus with multiple instances, making it an uncommon occurrence.

Advancements & Result:

  • Expecting the Nimbus team to analyse & determine the root cause of this unexpected behavior.

BloXroute validator Gateway:
After careful consideration, we have decided that implementing the bloXroute validator gateway for Ethereum staking is not feasible for our infrastructure currently.

Results & Next Steps:

  • While we recognize the potential benefits, our current priority is addressing our infrastructure concerns. We will continue to monitor the situation and remain open to revisiting this integration in the future.

Best Regards,
RockLogic Team


Thanks for the detailed update. The RockLogic team have been all stars when it comes to Simple DVT cluster coordinators. Appreciate all the great help!