RockLogic Monthly Notes - 04/2024

Dear Lido Community,

Welcome to our monthly news, where we provide you with updates on our efforts to establish a secure Ethereum environment. Here’s a summary of notable developments since our last update.

Lido x SSV:

Lido Simple DVT Testnet

Implemented further updates in accordance with Lido Simple DVT Testnet Guide.

Advancements & Result:

  • Upgraded SSV service to version 1.3.2, resolving an issue with the processing of voluntary exits in post-Deneb networks
  • SSV DKG service to version 2.0.0, ensuring compatibility with latest standards and potential performance improvements

Infrastructure and VM Optimization

Optimized node infrastructure and virtual machine configurations for enhanced performance

Advancements & Result:

  • Boosted node performance significantly, achieving a 99.1% efficiency rating compared to the previous 94.3%

Cluster Coordinator

Monitored SSV node health, provided cluster support, and coordinated with development teams

Advancement & Result:

Lido General:

Ensured compatibility with the Dencun upgrade by comprehensively updating essential Lido Mainnet pool components

Advancement & Result:

  • Successfully upgraded all essential infrastructure components (full nodes, validator clients, EJECTOR and KAPI services) in preparation for the Dencun fork
  • Ensured a smooth transition to the Dencun fork on March 13th

Next Steps:

  • Monitor service stability and performance post-Dencun.
  • Evaluate and implement any further enhancements or optimizations as needed.

Lido x OBOL Simple DVT

Prepared for Secure and Performant Lido x OBOL SDVT Node Operation

Ref Link:

Guide Doc Link

Best Regards,
RockLogic Team