RockLogic Monthly Notes - 03/2024

Dear Lido Community,

Welcome to our monthly news, where we provide you with updates on our efforts to establish a secure Ethereum environment. Here’s a summary of notable developments and updates since our last update.

Lido x SSV:

Node Upgrade
Upgraded the Ethereum node used for the Lido x SSV test to improve performance by implementing changes that included moving the node to a more robust infrastructure with an updated storage configuration, switching Ethereum clients from Nethermind/Lighthouse to Besu/Nimbus, and upgrading the Nimbus client to version 24.2.2

Advancements & Result:

  • Improved node performance and reliability with the infrastructure upgrade.
  • Enhanced compatibility and functionality by switching Ethereum clients.

Lido Simple DVT Testnet Guide
Completed additional tasks aligned with the guidelines in the Lido Simple DVT Testnet Guide, aimed at enhancing the functionality of the testnet. The updates included switching the builder to MEV-Boost ‘v1.7-alpha1’ (aka 1.7a1), adjusting the log duration for the SSV service to 28 days, and upgrading the SSV service to version 1.3.0

Advancements & Result:

  • Switched builder to MEV-Boost ‘v1.7-alpha1’ (aka 1.7a1) for improved performance.
  • Adjusted the log duration for the SSV service to 28 days to optimize data storage.
  • Upgraded the SSV service to version 1.3.0 to leverage bug fixes and performance enhancements

Cluster Management and Support
Oversaw the clusters as the Cluster Coordinator, monitoring the health and operations of SSV nodes and DKG services for all cluster members. Provided support to cluster members, including assistance with node and service configuration, log collection, and troubleshooting. Reported any issues to the LIDO and SSV teams and implemented fixes as instructed.

Advancements & Results:

  • Improved overall cluster stability and performance through proactive monitoring and health checks of SSV nodes and DKG services.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency by providing timely support and guidance to cluster members, leading to smoother node and service configurations.
  • Ensured rapid issue resolution by reporting and addressing identified issues promptly, resulting in minimized downtime and improved cluster reliability.

Validators for Clusters
The registration process for the third batch of validators across all clusters was successfully completed. This involved creating validators in pre-instructed packages and coordinating MultiSig transactions

Advancements & Results:

  • Successfully onboarded the third batch of validators, ensuring their registration and inclusion in the clusters.
  • Coordinated the MultiSig transactions effectively, to facilitate the registration of validators at both SSV and Lido registries.

Holesky Pool upgrade

Completed upgrades across the Lido Holesky pool ecosystem to transition to Dencun readiness, including fullnode upgrades, validator client updates, and enhancements to EJECTOR and KAPI services. Successfully migrated all services to the Dencun fork on February 07.

Advancements & Results:

  • Upgrades were implemented to ensure compatibility, improved performance, and enhanced functionality within the Holesky pool ecosystem.
  • The transition to the Dencun fork aimed to align the infrastructure with the latest protocols and improvements, optimizing system operations.

Sneak Peek on Future Network Updates

In preparation for upcoming changes, Lido Mainnet have been made Dencun ready with a series of upgrades:

  • Fullnode upgrades for both execution and consensus clients.
  • Upgrades done to validator clients.
  • Updated EJECTOR and KAPI services.

All services are poised to smoothly transition to the Dencun fork on March 13th for Mainnet, setting the stage for enhanced performance and functionality.

Best Regards,
RockLogic Team