Free to use API endpoints for Lido

Hello everyone! I am a Research Analyst at Covalent HQ and we created some endpoints for Lido that are currently being used by some developers, so we wanted to extend them to the discord community as well :call_me_hand:. These are for Lido ETH, but we can do Lido Polygon as well if there is interest from the community!

[Get USD Staked value along with staking rewards for a given address]

[Get all the transactions for any address]

REST OF THE POST IN THE COMMENTS (Prevented from posting more than two links currently)

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[Get the Current TVL and APY for the liquid staking pool]

There are still some minor issues we are working on, the product is still in Beta, so we would love any additional feedback anyone has after using it.

For analytic purposes and visualization, all the data is available to query from our BI product called Increment. I used only SQL to create the endpoints, but the Lido community can also use models to simply click and pivot data on dimensions and measures. :bar_chart:

In addition to all of this, there is data on dexes like all univ2 clones on 100+ chains, Curve, NFT markets, lending protocols, Futures etc. Please let me know if you are interested and we can work more on endpoints to satisfy any data needs you have. We have the ability to build custom endpoints quickly to meet your needs as required.

Please feel free to reach out here or my email: [email protected]

Link to our product Increment: [Covalent: Covalent Platform].