Funding for Lido on Polygon depositor bot

To request compensation and future funding for the operational costs incurred while calling Lido on Polygon smart contract methods for delegations and reward distributions.

The Lido on Polygon project requires regular interaction with stMATIC smart contract to facilitate delegations and reward distributions. These interactions result in operational costs in ETH, which are essential for maintaining a secure and functional platform.

Lido on Polygon team seeks approval from the Lido governance to compensate for the operational costs associated with calling Lido on Polygon smart contract methods. These costs are a vital part of the project’s sustainability and success, and reimbursement would ensure continued seamless operation.

To provide transparency and accurate compensation, the team has utilized Dune Analytics to track and calculate the costs incurred. The detailed historical cost breakdown, can be found at the following link:

By compensating for these operational costs and funding the depositor bot wallet, Lido on Polygon team can continue to maintain the integrity and efficiency of the Lido on Polygon platform, while also encouraging further growth and adoption.

Lido on Polygon team kindly requests the Lido public forum’s support in approving this proposal to ensure the continued success of Lido on Polygon. If approved, compensation for all costs carried on deposits by Shard Labs team are to be compensated.

The address used for the bot 0xa22d223e732a5dcf4ff4529aa9a135293b7258fe

At the time of posting this proposal the bot has spent: 11.286012668500344 ETH
Funds available on the bot wallet: 0.597472466769272837 ETH
Total to be compensated: 11.8834851353 ETH

Historical compensation can be sent to this wallet: 0x4290db8e966a880d7Fd734884FBa93ee671984ea

Future funding for this cause can be managed in the same way it is done for Lido on Ethereum:

Multisig that will be used for sending ETH to the depositor address: Safe – Assets

EDIT (20 Apr 2023): The bot was funded with 2 more ETH (Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan)
EDIT (13 May 2023): The bot was funded with 3 more ETH (Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan)


My proposal here would be to establish an operation framework that would put the authority for these compensations to one of the established funding mechanisms that don’t involve a full vote, e.g. RCC, LEGO, or others.


I agree, it would reduce the friction for recurring fundings that were already approved and prevent potential delays that could be caused by lower governance activity during some times.

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Thanks for the proposal. It is well shaped and definetily should include additional comment from @vsh. From my side I can confirm that ShardLabs team has been funding Lido-on-Polygon since the launch of the protocol, and there were 0 major incidents in the bot operation (no lack of funds ever appeared).


The latest amount is 21.8834851353 ETH ( 16.8834851353 ETH from the original post + 5 ETH from this tx)


As indicated in the supported snapshot vote to Nominate the Gas Supply Committee as a supervisor for gas expenditure, ensuring Lido on Polygon operational gas expense, as well as reimbursing already incurred expenses, will be carried out by the Gas Supply Committee.

The reimbursement will be completed within the next couple of days.


Hello! Historical compensations of 21.9 ETH as well as 5 ETH for future costs of the bot were sent.