Grant for Mini Utopia

TITLE: Grant for Mini Utopia Platform Development

AUTHORS: Faithfulness Obasi, Mini Utopia Contributors


We are seeking a grant to support the development of key features and enhancements for the Mini Utopia platform, contributing to its growth and user experience.


We are requesting a grant of $10,000 to fund the development of essential features and improvements for the Mini Utopia platform. Mini Utopia is a cutting-edge metaverse gaming guild with AI integration and NFT support, aimed at creating an immersive environment for gamers and NFT enthusiasts.


The grant will be allocated to fund specific development tasks that will enhance the Mini Utopia platform’s capabilities and engagement. The tasks include:

  1. Enhanced NFT Creation Tools: Allocate resources to improve the NFT creation tools, offering creators more options for customization and dynamic attributes. This will encourage a more diverse range of NFTs on the platform.

  2. Multi-Blockchain Expansion: Develop support for additional blockchain networks, expanding the reach of Mini Utopia’s NFT ecosystem and providing users with more choices and flexibility.

  3. User Interface Refinement: Allocate funds to enhance the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), making navigation and interactions smoother and more intuitive.

  4. Community Engagement Initiatives: Allocate resources to organize virtual events, competitions, and collaborative projects that foster a sense of community among Mini Utopia users.

  5. Educational Resources Creation: Develop comprehensive user guides, tutorials, and videos to assist users in navigating the virtual world, creating NFTs, and maximizing their experience.

We are dedicated to executing these tasks efficiently and effectively to provide the Mini Utopia community with a more robust and enjoyable platform.


The development tasks are projected to begin immediately upon grant approval and will be completed within a 3-month timeline. Regular updates on our progress will be shared with the Mini Utopia community.


With the successful completion of these development tasks, Mini Utopia anticipates the following impacts:

  • Increased User Engagement: The enhanced UI/UX and expanded features will lead to increased user engagement and longer session times within the virtual world.

  • Diverse NFT Ecosystem: The improved NFT creation tools and multi-blockchain support will encourage a diverse array of NFTs, attracting creators and collectors alike.

  • Stronger Community Bonds: Community engagement initiatives and educational resources will foster a more connected and engaged Mini Utopia community.


This grant will allow us to execute the outlined development tasks effectively and bring significant improvements to the Mini Utopia platform. We are excited about the opportunity to further enhance Mini Utopia and are grateful for your consideration.

Thank you for your support.

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Hey there, I’m curious - how does this project benefits liquid staking and the ecosystem surrounding it?


Mini Utopia can significantly benefit liquid staking and the ecosystem surrounding it through its innovative metaverse gaming guild concept, AI integration, and NFT support. Here’s how:

  1. Enhanced User Engagement: Mini Utopia’s immersive virtual environment can introduce liquid staking and its benefits to a wider audience, including gamers and NFT enthusiasts. Users can interact with staked assets and earn rewards while gaming, making the concept more approachable.

  2. Educational Opportunities: Mini Utopia can provide educational resources and tutorials about liquid staking, helping users understand its mechanics and advantages. This can bridge the knowledge gap and encourage broader adoption.

  3. Staking Gamification: The gaming guild concept can gamify the staking experience. Users can stake their assets within Mini Utopia, earning rewards and unlocking in-game benefits, fostering increased participation in liquid staking.

  4. NFT Backed by Staked Assets: Mini Utopia can create NFTs backed by staked assets, providing users with unique digital collectibles tied to their staked holdings. This can enhance the value proposition of both liquid staking and NFT ownership.

  5. NFT Staking and Yield Farming: Integrating staked assets into NFT creation and trading can introduce new avenues for yield farming and staking rewards. Users can potentially earn rewards while participating in the NFT ecosystem.

  6. Ecosystem Expansion: Mini Utopia can partner with liquid staking platforms to offer seamless integration, allowing users to stake their assets directly from the virtual environment. This can drive traffic to liquid staking platforms and introduce more users to the concept.

  7. NFT Collateralization: Mini Utopia’s NFT integration can be extended to include NFT collateralization for borrowing and lending, adding a new layer of utility and financial interaction to the metaverse.

  8. Community Building: By creating a shared space for liquid staking enthusiasts, Mini Utopia fosters a community where users can discuss strategies, share insights, and collaborate on staking-related activities.

  9. Cross-Promotion: Mini Utopia can collaborate with liquid staking platforms for cross-promotional campaigns, introducing each platform’s user base to the benefits of the other. This can drive awareness and adoption.

  10. Economic Synergies: Mini Utopia can incentivize users to stake their assets within the platform by offering exclusive in-game benefits, rewards, or virtual assets. This aligns with the concept of “staking as a service.”

@Mini_Utopia sorry, but it looks like the community hasn’t showed much interest in this proposal. :frowning:

LEGO thinks that staking with Lido should be straightforward and secure, so adding a lot of bells and whistles may over-complicate the staking product for the regular user.

But I would suggest you to try your luck with Tiered Rewards Share Program.