Grant to support Vyper development

As you may already know Vyper is one of the most popular languages for smart contracts development, known for its security, simplicity and auditability.

LEGO Vyper grant

Lego Council has voted for a Boulder grant for development of Vyper — smart contract language for EVM. Lido dev team uses Vyper for different integrations & ops contracts. The Lido Vyper code held more than 600k ETH worth of user funds, and the plan is to continue using the language and tooling.

The grant is $100k-worth to be paid in LDOs by two-weeks TWAP to Vyper dev team GitCoin address.


Vyper is awesome, very happy we’ve got the chance to do a grant to the team

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I want to express my support for Vyper, which is utterly practical when dealing with well-defined and self-contained contracts within the Lido on-chain ecosystem. Giving back real funds and massive praise to the Vyper dev team is so delightful.

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It’s a great idea to support open-source developer infrastructure, especially, during these hard times. Vyper is a great example of it.

Also, if we are talking about supporting the open source dev tools, can you consider the ape framework?


Nice suggestion, thanks!

I’ll gather feedback from council and developers, and we might think of it next quarter after budget refill - currently we still got some outstanding payments to do.


Do we use ape? I think we’re not using it yet, right?

A bit. We have a mev relay whitelist developed using ape and probably introduce it in our main repos later.
Anyway, right now it’s the only live python-based toolkit since brownie goes into fixes-only mode and it can be important to support them.