Vyper security measures grant

Vyper smart contracts development language is used across different cases in Lido DAO and Lido on Ethereum protocol smart contracts.

In order to help in making the programming language more resilient, LEGO has agreed to support two initiatives with a shared Boulder grant:

  1. 50k DAI towards short-term bug bounty on historical and current compiler versions (details to be shared in comments later)

  2. 50k DAI towards audit competition to be held 14 September — 04 November.

The address to receive grants is vyper-contest.eth. The update on the transfer will be provided in this thread.

For more info about the previous LEGO grant to Vyper team check out the post: Grant to support Vyper development



We’re waiting from the Vyper team if there are actually any valid bug reports, this determines the address to receive a bug bounty grant.
So for now only audit competition grant of 50K DAI to be sent to vyper-contest.eth.


The contest funds are sent: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

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Hey all, LEGO disbursed the second leg of Vyper security grant (50K DAI) - transaction.

And please check the Vyper audit contest, it’s live till Nov 4th 2023!