Launchnodes: Africa Infrastructure Update

We wanted to provide an update on Launchnodes’ Africa infrastructure and Lido nodes.

Following the major incident last year, Launchnodes has rebuilt our infrastructure to be more resilient.

Changes have included:

  • Architecture updated to remove key points of failure / dependencies
  • Node configuration changes, in conjunction with the client teams
  • Additional slashing protection added
  • Testing and adding multiple MEV relays

    These changes have been bedded down and optimized over several months, with multiple test nodes running effectively on Holesky so far this year.

    We have now been running production nodes on mainnet for over 4 weeks on our new infrastructure, and our internal monitoring - and that of Rated.Network - shows performance typically better than operator averages.

    We will continue to monitor and optimize, all being well we intend to request a small batch of new nodes within the next few days.

    Team Launchnodes is hugely grateful for the support, feedback and patience of the community as we’ve moved back to bare metal in Africa. It’s great to be back and continuing to support stakers and the Lido community globally.

    Please reach out for any more details or with any feedback. :pray: